Enterprise and self-employment

You may not think of yourself as an entrepreneur, but there are many parallels between entrepreneurship and research; both involve independent thinking and creativity, as well as the responsibility for taking projects forward, finding your next project and locating funding sources. The increased emphasis on impact and engagement in research means that more academics are creating spin-off companies or engaging in various forms of freelance or consulting work alongside research.

If you are interested in exploring your entrepreneurial side, it’s well worth getting involved with the Researcher to Innovator Programme organised by the Set-Squared Partnership. If you’re interested in commercialising an aspect of your research, contact the Research Impact and Commercialisation (RIC) team in Research and Innovation Services. The Researcher Development Unit runs courses on enterprise and research commercialisation. For inspiration and examples of researchers who have become entrepreneurs, take a look at these case studies on the Vitae website.

If you like the idea of being your own boss and are not averse to risk-taking, you may want to consider freelancing or other forms of self-employment; below are some great resources and links to help get you started: