Services to your students

All students of the University of Bath are welcome to make full use of our services; those who are currently on placement are able to contact us via email. Students and staff can get a good overview of our services and support from our website or by reading our annual Careers Guide.

Researchers have their own area on our site, plus the Doctoral Skills programme.

Help for your students

  • Choose a career
    We aren’t just for students who already know what they want to do! Our friendly, qualified and professional staff can start students off on the process of career choice and we have resources to suit every learning style. Our Careers Advisers are happy to talk to students about their options; both short ‘quick query’ and longer guidance appointments are available. Our information room and comprehensive website have up-to-date information on hundreds of occupations, sectors and employers.
  • Succeed in the selection process
    Whether it’s for a placement, voluntary opportunity or graduate job we are experts in selection processes and have many ways to help your students succeed. We run sessions on CVs, application forms, interview skills and also provide access to practice aptitude tests. Our programme is accessible through MyFuture which students can access through their Bath login. Staff can access the system too.
  • Get work experience
    We can help students make the most of their time at University by accessing a wide range of work experience – vacation work, placements, work shadowing, voluntary work and gap years. We publish searchable work experience vacancies in MyFuture and run a dedicated Summer internship fair (Bath only). We publish Finding work experience (Bath only), our guide to help students get work experience and understand its value.
  • Find a graduate job
    Graduate jobs from large and small firms are advertised in MyFuture. We handle vacancies from employers in all sectors who are targeting your students. Our essential guide to Finding a graduate job explains how students should be conducting their job search.To help students carry out vital research on employers we have many useful resources and students can browse organisations by sector in MyFuture. Through us your students can also access a wide range of employer recruitment events (Bath only) and fairs on campus, where employers highlight their work and recruitment methods.
  • Find further study
    Not everyone wants to move straight into employment after University. For those students wishing to explore the world of postgraduate study we offer information and advice on how to choose a course that really meets their needs, the benefits of postgraduate education, and of course we offer support in making postgraduate study applications and handling interviews. We advertise funded programmes in MyFuture.

That’s just a brief summary of what we do to support students in developing their employability and accessing graduate employment. You can find more details by browsing from our home page.

Not sure if your students are eligible to use our services? - Please refer to our statement of service.

Students’ projects: we regret we do not have the resources to assist students with projects related to graduate employment or careers or other areas of our expertise.