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Graduate Schools

We are a leading UK university for research. Our research excels across science, engineering, management, social sciences and the humanities. We provide an environment that promotes scientific excellence at all levels and maximises the application and impact of our research.

The Graduate Schools provide a range of graduate programmes and pathways at masters and doctoral level. They manage graduate recruitment, admissions, subject-specific and generic skills training, research seminars and a host of social activities.

Research in the world

We are a community of researchers, teachers and students committed to excellence. Much of our research addresses real-world challenges and issues.

Graduate Schools provide a stimulating space to explore ideas at the cutting edge of your subject and to think about how these relate to new research in other disciplines. They host seminars and lectures at which you have an opportunity to meet academics who are experts.

You will also meet and be encouraged to set up virtual networks with other research students working on themes or projects in subjects related to your own.

Excellence in supervision

Our reputation for securing successful outcomes for our students is outstanding. Our Graduate Schools promote excellence in supervision and support of research students. Each School or Division is led by an Associate Dean who co-ordinates those with supervisory responsibilities. We have a team of support staff to help manage your progress through your studies.

Whether you are studying full-time, based on campus, part-time or in collaboration with an external organisation, your Graduate School will closely monitor your progress, advise you at every stage and support you towards a successful outcome.

Enhancing skills

The development of enhanced professional and personal skills is an essential element of the research student experience. Your Graduate School or Division will work with your supervisor to identify your needs at the start of your studies. Some activities will be provided within the Schools, others at University level.

Your School will maintain an overview of provision and ensure that right connections are made between your subject-specific training needs and those more generic.

The Graduate Centre

Our graduate students have a dedicated social and informal work space at the heart of the campus. The Graduate Centre has been designed with students' needs in mind.  It has wireless connectivity, soft seating, informal work space, seminar and meeting rooms. There are kitchen facilities and a large screen television. The Centre will be a place to meet colleagues, attend training and events, or just sit, relax and read.