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When will the new 2018/19 Semester 2 programme timetables be available on the web?
The final Semester 2 timetable is to be published on Friday 14th December 2018. The timetables should then appear on the web by the end of the week commencing 21st December 2017.

Why can't I view the timetables from off campus even though I'm supposed to be able to?
A few people have found that when they try and view their timetables from off campus they get a 'page not found' error message. We have consulted with BUCS about this to see if this is a problem with our server but they have informed us that it is due to a problem with your ISP. If you do find you have this message and cannot wait until you get to campus before you're able to view the timetable using one of the campus computers, please e-mail timetabling@bath.ac.uk and we'll see if we can send you the information as an e-mail attachment.

Does the Timetabling Office schedule the exams?
No. The Examinations Officer creates the examination timetable. If you have any queries about this please contact Jenny While.



How many people work in the Timetabling Office?
We have two full-time and three part-time roles in the Timetabling Office, dealing with all timetabling queries with one of the full time staff members dealing with web room booking queries. We have a separate team to deal with Examination scheduling.

What software do you use to do your scheduling?
We use software from Scientia -Enterprise (Syllabus Plus).