General booking requests

General room booking is now open to staff for dates up to 25 September 2022.

To ensure that there is enough time to process your booking, requests must be received by 4pm for evening bookings on the same day. Weekend requests must be received by 4pm on the preceding Friday. Any bookings placed after 4pm will not be processed until the next working day.

Staff can now place their booking requests via the BORRS online booking system. If you wish to book a room for a teaching activity please do not use to the online system you will need to e-mail with your request.

Staff wishing to book a GTA computer room should use the computer room booking form

For further information on the rooms available and how to book them please see our guide for booking a teaching or committee room on campus.

Student bookings

If you would like to book academic study space, including group work space, this can be done through the Study Space booking system. For more information about the bookable study spaces please see the the Where you can study on campus and in the city webpage.

Please note that students are not permitted to use the online booking system for academic bookings. Any bookings placed for academic purposes will be cancelled and you will be directed to use the Study Space booking system

If you are a committee member of a student group or society you can place your booking request through the online booking system. Please be advised that any student bookings placed through the online system should be done so by the group Chair, Secretary or Treasurer. Please note any bookings placed by students that are not clearly affiliated with a official University group or society will be cancelled.

If you're in a student group, club or society and you'd like to block-book rooms outside teaching time for your meetings you should email

Room availability

Room availability can be checked prior to placing a booking using MyTimetable.

For instructions on how to use MyTimetable to check room availability please see our guide.

Terms and conditions

For terms and conditions of room use please refer to the Terms and conditions for room bookings webpage.

For additional information please also see the Timetabling and Room Booking Statement.