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Booking a teaching or committee room on campus

What to do if you'd like to book a room on the University campus and the rules you need to follow.

General rules

The following rules apply for the booking of all types of rooms:

  • Teaching rooms requested for each Semester within teaching times will be confirmed once the final timetables have been published. Please see the Timetabling and room bookings - latest news page for updates.
  • Hot food is not permitted in any of the teaching rooms.
  • Weekday requests must be received by 4pm on the same day. Weekend requests must be received by 4pm on the preceding Friday.
  • Aerobic activities are not permitted in Chancellors' Building, 3WN 3.7 & 3.8.
  • During Summer Vacation weeks, rooms in Chancellors' Building and East Building (excluding computer rooms) are under the control of the Conferences & Events Team. Room requests must be directed to this department directly and may be charged for.

For detailed information on the bookable rooms on campus, please see the Room Information pages.

Room timetables can be viewed through MyTimetable, for more information on this please see our guide.

You’ll need to read and observe our Terms and Conditions before you request a room. If your request doesn’t meet these terms, your booking will be cancelled.

Student booking rules

Tiered lecture theatres

Tiered lecture theatres can be booked for activities with larger audiences such as lectures and conferences. The following rules must be followed when using this type of room:

  • No food or drink is permitted.
  • Ad hoc bookings should be made for tiered lecture theatres via the Online Room Request system (BORRS).
  • If you are booking a room for a teaching activity please contact Room bookings made via BORRS do not appear on staff or student timetables.

University Hall

University Hall is not available to book on the online system and must be booked directly with Timetabling. Please see the University Hall booking information prior to requesting this room.

Please note University Hall can only be booked with a minimum of 48 hours notice and must have approval from the AV Unit prior to your booking being confirmed.

Flat teaching rooms

Flat rooms are those on a single level. These can be used for smaller lectures or seminar type activities, training activities and larger meetings. The following rules must be followed when using this type of room:

  • They can be booked by selecting 'GTA/FLAT' using the Online Room Request system (BORRS).
  • No hot food is allowed in these rooms, but cold buffet type food, tea/coffee is permitted.
  • If you are booking a room for a teaching activity please contact []. Room bookings made via BORRS do not appear on staff or student timetables.

Committee rooms

There are a small number of committee rooms available, for staff use only, that can be booked for meetings. There are four committee rooms on campus:

  • 1W 4.101
  • 1W 4.105
  • WH 3.36
  • WH Council Chamber

These can be booked by selecting 'Committee Room' via Online Room Request system (BORRS).

Computer rooms

Requests to book Computer rooms can only be made by staff and must be made via the computer room booking form

Please check that the room is available by checking the Room Timetables via MyTimetable before making your request. If you require a computer room for a teaching activity, please contact your departments lead timetabler.

There are currently 6 computer rooms on campus:

  • 1E 3.9 (maximum capacity 46)
  • 3E 3.1 (38)
  • CB 4.17 (100)
  • CB 5.13 (100)
  • EB 0.7 (48)
  • EB 0.9 (40)

Food and drink is not permitted in these rooms.

Foyer spaces

There are a number of foyer spaces on campus that can be booked for networking activities, additional catering space and poster sessions. They can be booked by emailing Timetabling.

Bookings for Foyer areas are not permitted within teaching hours. Please be mindful of activities taking place in nearby offices and teaching rooms when making your request, for some spaces you may not be permitted to use the foyer without booking out the adjacent rooms.

Virgil Building rooms

Rooms in the Virgil Building are bookable for both staff and students through the LibCal booking system.

The two training rooms on level 1 are managed by the Virgil operations team. If you have any enquiries about these rooms, or wish to book them, please email the Virgil Building Reception. The training rooms can be booked by staff or students for workshops, training, societies, or group activities.

External customers

During teaching weeks we are unable to hire out any of our teaching rooms.

For room hire during vacation periods, please email our Conferences & Events Team.

Terms and conditions of booking

General terms and conditions can be found on the Terms and conditions for room bookings page.

Please also refer to sections 5 &10 of the Timetabling Statement.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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