Academic timetable release - semester 2

The timetable is now live to staff.

The semester 2 timetable will go live to students on 15 December 2023.

Timetables can be accessed via MyTimetable and you can find further information - including how to access your student timetable, what you can expect to see on it and what to do if you think something isn't right - on our guidance and help webpage.

Room bookings - semester 1

Booking requests can now be made via the online room request system (BORRS), for dates up to and including 28 January 2024. Dates after this will be released once the semester 2 timetable goes live in mid-December.

For further information and for groups eligible to book please see our booking rooms page for details.

If you are a student looking for study space please see our bookable study spaces.