Additional protection has been enabled on SAMIS, the University's Student & Applicant Management Information System which you use to:

When you use SAMIS you will now have the security benefits of Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) when logging in. This further protects our sensitive information and data, and provides additional security controls to reduce the impact of a cyber attack.

Authenticating your identity

If you haven't already, you'll need to set up suitable authentication methods so you can verify your identify when you sign in.

The additional security protection is only triggered for your first sign in each day, or if you sign in from a different device or location.

Suitable authentication methods

You'll need to have either the authenticator app, phone (text/sms), or alternative phone, set up to be able to authenticate your sign in to University systems.

Log into My Account to add a method or update your telephone number.

Further information

Further information about these improvements can be found on the pages below: