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Access information in your preferred way with SensusAccess

We are pleased to announce the purchase of SensusAccess – a tool that will allow you to convert documents into a range of alternative formats.

Who can benefit from access?

SensusAccess could be beneficial for all staff and students as a productivity and accessibility tool.


The University is providing access to a service that will allow you to convert files, content from websites or text into a range of alternative formats, including audio, e-books and digital Braille.

In a few, quick steps you can request an alternative version of your file and access the content the way you like it.

  • upload your document
  • select your desired format and specify options
  • enter your University email address and submit your request
  • SensusAccess will email you the converted file within 10 minutes.

Introducing SensusAccess

Please see the video for a brief overview of the tool

Access and Support

Please see below for further information on access and support.

Terms and Conditions

University of Bath staff and students can access the service, when using the University email address.

You can use SensusAccess service to convert a file if you own the copyright (eg, it's your own work), have permission from the copyright holder, if the copyright has expired, or if you, or the person you are helping, has a disability. By using the SensusAccess service you agree to the following:

Other ways of accessing alternative formats

Help and Support

Please find a list of SensusAccess Resources:

If you have any questions around inclusive technology, alternative formats, or require further support, please contact the Assistive Technology Team.

Access Alternative Formats

Convert a file