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Celebrating 50 years of chemical engineering

This year, we celebrate 50 years of chemical engineering at Bath. We look back at the successes of our staff and students and celebrate our achievements.

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A word from us

'As we come together to celebrate the 50th Anniversary, let us acknowledge and reflect on the enduring legacy of research and education excellence that has shaped us over the past fifty years.

'This is a moment to pay tribute not only to the cumulative accomplishments of our Department but also to the unique contributions of each member of our vibrant community - academics, researchers, support staff, students, and alumni - who have all contributed to our journey.

'There is much to be thankful for and to celebrate, as we look forward to the next 50 years.' — Professor John Chew, Head of Department of Chemical Engineering

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Student success

Our students are the heart of our department's community. They inspire us daily as we watch them succeed from their first day to when they graduate and beyond.

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Research for a better world

From exploring new and renewable fuels, and improving healthcare and chemical products, to providing clean water solutions, and forging a more sustainable future - for fifty years our research has made lives better.

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Graduate stories

Our students' time with us is just the start of their journey. There's nothing more we take pride in than seeing our graduates go out into the world and flourish.

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Dedicated to diversity

Our community has grown a lot since our inception in 1974. In 2023, we received the silver Athena Swan award for our dedication to making an equal, diverse, and inclusive environment for our staff and students.

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