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Celebrating public engagement

Find out more about how you can be recognised and rewarded for your public engagement work by the University of Bath and other organisations.

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards

The biennial celebration of public engagement with research at the University of Bath.

Established in 2013 and run by the Public Engagement Unit, the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards aims to reward and celebrate the work of colleagues from across the University of Bath who are engaging non-academic audiences.

There are five award categories that make up the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards:

  • Informing - for projects that have successfully shared research with public groups from outside of academia.

  • Listening - for projects which listen and respond to the needs, knowledge and experience of public groups.

  • Working Together - for projects that have involved working with public groups from outside of academia.

  • Leadership - for an individual who has made an exceptional contribution to the culture of public engagement across their research centre/institute/department/broader research community.

  • Local and Civic Engagement - for projects, teams and individuals that have made outstanding civic contributions on behalf of the University through engaging with local civil society organisations, community groups, residents and charities.

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards 2021 are now closed, the next Engage Awards will take place in 2023.

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards, previously the Vice-Chancellor's Awards for Public Engagement with Research, have been running since 2013. Find out more about previous award winners.

Award schemes for public engagement activities

Award schemes run by external organisations rewarding and recognising public engagement with research.

If you're looking for recognition for engaging public groups with your research, then you may be interested in some of the following awards run by external organisations. The categories, eligibility criteria and timelines will vary, for which more specific information for applicants can be found on the relevant organisations' websites.

AHRC Research in Film Awards

The Research in Film Awards celebrates the best in academic filmmaking. Winners will receive a prestigious trophy and a £5,000 prize. Deadline: 24 June, 4pm.

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