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Engagement methods: knowledge exchange

Benefits of the knowledge exchange engagement method, with case studies from researchers who've used it to engage public groups.

Knowledge exchange brings together academics, practitioners, and communities of interest to discuss their work, learn from one another, and exchange ideas, evidence and expertise.

Engagement story

Dr Janet Goodall, Department of Education

Dr Janet Goodall presenting her research at a knowledge exchange event

"Public engagement has made my research much more useful to schools and families and has helped me become better at communicating my research to non-academic groups." — Dr Janet Goodall

Knowledge exchange project case studies

Read case studies of knowledge exchange projects funded by our Engage Grants.

Through our Engage Grants, we funded researchers to run knowledge exchange projects. Read the case studies and other resources that have been produced for each of the projects:

Connect! - a day-long event bringing local organisations, charities and government together with researchers from the Physical Culture, Sport and Health Research Group to initiate dialogue around various aspects of children and young people’s wellbeing.

Engaging older people in research - Researchers from the Centre for Death & Society identified a need to develop their skills in engaging older people in sensitive issues to improve how they undertake their research and worked with Oldfield Park Friendly Club on a project to share expertise with professionals who work with this demographic.

Engaging people with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - Working with the charity, Bristol Adult Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Support Group, researchers from the School of Management engaged adults living with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) to better understand how ADHD may potentially be linked with certain financial risk-taking activities.

Promoting body confidence and health in teenage girls - Sharing their research on body confidence in local schools, researchers from the Department for Health sought to gather views from young people on this issue to inform her work with the public health team at Bath & North East Somerset council on wellbeing strategies for this group.

Stakeholder panels for smokers and drinkers - Researchers from the Department for Health ran stakeholder panels to better understand smokers' and drinkers' thoughts on existing research and using their experiences to inform the development of new research questions, measurements and interventions.

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