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Register your interest in becoming a Digital Champion

As a member of staff become a Digital Champion and make a difference by supporting colleagues to work in better ways.

Empowering others to use digital tools

Help others get the most from our digital tools

By becoming a Digital Champion you will help others to use digital tools to communicate and collaborate in better ways.

If you’re passionate about sharing your enthusiasm for technology with others, we would love for you to apply to be part of our journey and share your knowledge and skills.

Starting with scenarios commonly experienced in Microsoft Teams, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the Network's long-term roadmap of development.

We hope the network will have colleagues from across the University and so we're currently looking for 1-2 Champions to represent your department or Faculty. There will, however, be further opportunities to join this network at a later date.

The Digital Champions Network will be launching during March and you will have until Thursday 2 March to register your interest for this current round of applications.

What is a Digital Champion

How your involvement can make a difference

As part of the Digital Champions Network you will:

  • Support and increase the effective use of digital tools
  • Engage and inspire others
  • Share in the development of technical skills, knowledge and behaviours
  • Explore new ways of working to empower and increase confidence

What opportunities are available

What you can expect from the Champions Network

As a Digital Champion you can expect:

  • Regular communication with tips and resources
  • A space for you and other Champions to share
  • Support in learning new skills
  • An opportunity for you to develop knowledge and mentor colleagues
  • An opportunity to problem solve common working scenarios
  • A well-resourced platform in which you can collaborate

What makes a Digital Champion

The skills, personality and specialism you can bring

We're looking for Champions who are:

  • Friendly, approachable, and motivated to help others learn new skills
  • Interested in new ways of working with digital tools
  • Able to encourage new ways of working and lead by example
  • Highly engaged and passionate about the positive impact of good collaboration
  • Able to understand colleague’s needs and interests for learning

What is the commitment

What you would be expected to contribute

We're looking to develop a network where Champions support each other and learn together.

As a Champion you will:

  • Work together as a group in monthly meetings and Microsoft Teams Communication
  • Invest ½ day- 1 day per month in personal development
  • Inspire and mentor others
  • Use data to inform problem solving
  • Use your initiative to bring challenges to the network for collective discussion

This opportunity is available to staff only.

If you’re not sure you’d like to become a Digital Champion at this time but would like to know more about Microsoft 365, you can explore the wealth of resources on our University of Bath Learning Pathways site

Register your interest to become a Digital Champion by Thursday 2 March 2023.

Register your interest HERE

Contact us for more information

If you have any questions about becoming a Digital Champion, please email us.