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Short-term loans

If you are a student with a temporary cash flow problem you may be able to apply for a small short-term loan.

Who can apply

The Short-Term Loan Scheme is designed to assist students who find themselves with a temporary cash flow problem caused by circumstances beyond their control.

Any registered student may apply for a short-term loan. The maximum amounts available are:

  • £300 for a student without dependents
  • £500 for a student with dependents

Please note loans are not normally given in the last two months of your course of study and are offered on a discretionary basis. Students on online postgraduate taught courses are ineligible to apply for a short-term loan.

If you have a longer-term cash flow problem, you should consider making a full application to the University of Bath Hardship Fund which may be able to provide discretionary assistance if you are struggling to cover your living costs.

How to apply

You need to complete the short-term loan application form.

We aim to inform applicants of the outcome within three working days of receipt of a complete application. Please note loans will not normally be offered to students who have defaulted on a previous short-term loan.

We aim to make payments to your account within three working days. However, you must make sure you give as much notice as possible as we have certain procedures we must adhere to.

Repaying the loan

Short-term loans are interest free and a repayment date will be agreed with the Student Money Advice Team when taking out the loan.

The repayment date will usually be within two months, or when your next student payment is due (whichever is sooner).

If you feel that you require a higher amount or longer loan period, please speak to the Student Money Advice Team who may be able to approve this in exceptional cases.

Contact us

You can contact Student Money Advice in person, by phone or by email.