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Smarter meetings and collaboration using Teams

Microsoft Teams brings chat, content, people and tools together, all in one hub, wherever you are.

Introducing Microsoft Teams

Teams is a collaboration tool, which provides you with one place to have conversations, host meetings, share files and collaborate on team documents wherever you are.

A group of people collaborating using Teams

Features of Teams:


  • Discuss your project and get feedback in the dedicated chat area
  • Upload documents to work on together, either in the cloud or offline
  • Use the video chat feature to have a meeting, where the whole team can partake, no matter where in the world you are


  • Share files with your team and they can view, edit, and collaborate on the files right within Teams
  • Present a screen or app during a meeting or chat using Desktop Sharing


  • Plan your project, assign tasks and create deadlines with built-in Planner
  • Work on your Office documents using the built-in apps, like Word, PowerPoint and more, without leaving Teams
  • Work across all your devices, from anywhere

Support for Teams

There are many resources available to help you get started with Teams.

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