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Support for distance-learning students and for those on Placement or fieldwork

Find out how to access support and advice from Student Support if you are a distance-learning student or away on Placement or doing fieldwork.

If you are a University of Bath student who is not based on campus you can still access our services. Our Helpdesk can be contacted by phone and email as can our specialist services.

Student Support Advice

The Student Support Advice Team gives students help and advice on all welfare and wellbeing issues.

The Student Support Advice Team should be your first point of contact. They can direct you to our specialist services if needed.

Disability Service

If you have a disability, health condition or specific learning difficulty our Disability Service can offer support and advice.

We can do this via email or you can book a phone appointment. You are entitled to reasonable adjustments to your study and these can support both your study at home and any periods of time that you are on campus as well as placement or fieldwork settings.

Student Money Advice

We can advise if you are worried about your finances, need help budgeting or aren't sure what your financial entitlements are.

Our Student Money Advice team can offer help and advice by phone and email. Students on unpaid placements may be eligible for extra support.

Therapeutic Services and Mental Health

If you are stressed or anxious or feel depressed get in touch with our Therapeutic Services and Mental Health team.

We can offer counselling sessions via phone or give advice via email. We have an on-line programme of treatment and support which is available 24-hours a day. We can also advise you on how to access NHS and other services near where you live if you are in the UK.

Wellbeing Service

Our team of Wellbeing Advisers are here to help all students with all welfare and wellbeing issues.

If you have an emotional, academic or any other problem please contact us. You can email us or talk to us by phone. Remember, you can talk to a Wellbeing Adviser about anything.

Contact us

You can contact Student Support by email or phone