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Living in Bath has been a really enjoyable experience

Final year maths student, Andy talks about living in Bath and having a part-time job alongside his studies.

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'I love going out in Bath because it has such a friendly night atmosphere'

Living in Bath

In my first year, I lived in Marlborough and Solsbury which was a lovely accommodation block. From there, I got to meet some people who I made friends with and I lived with them for the next few years.

In my second year, I lived in town at the bottom of one of the hills going up to campus. I loved living there, as it was really nice to be able to walk to both the city centre and campus. It was absolutely great being so close to the city and to have access to such a lovely environment.

Having a part-time job

In my final year, I tutored first year maths students, which was a great job to have because it completely revolved around my timetable. It was nice to keep doing maths while studying so that I didn’t get too far away from my degree. The job was great fun and really fulfilling, as it was nice to be able to use my experience on the course to help first year students out.

Student life

I love going out in Bath because it has such a friendly night atmosphere. I’ll go out and see so many different people that I know, and can have a good time whether it’s with close friends or people I’ve just met.

One of the great things about Bath is that there's such a range of prices that you can spend on different things. If I wanted to treat myself, I could go to Waitrose and buy a steak, but if I just wanted some essentials for my cupboard, I could go to Lidl. The Students' Union has a weekend warmup every Friday at 4pm with cheap pints, which gives you a great night without spending a lot of money.

Watch Andy talk about his experiences living in Bath

MMath Mathematics student Andy talks about living in Bath

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