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Maintaining data infrastructure at Alpine F1 team

Electrical and Electronic Engineering undergraduate, Mansi talks about her placement experience as a Data Engineering intern at Alpine F1 team.

Female smiles to camera in front of wall with Alpine F1 logo on it
A placement gives you the extra level of engineering experience you can't get from studies alone.

Learning to think outside the box

A placement year is a very hands-on experience that has encouraged me to think critically when solving real-world problems and has pushed me to think outside the box time and time again. I think this is a transferrable skill that I have gained so far and look forward to applying it to my studies.

So far at Alpine F1, I've been working on deploying application stacks that are used by the Data Science team for data analysis and the deployment of machine learning models. My role is to improve and maintain the data infrastructure by making it more robust.

The support I needed when I needed it

The placement team supported me throughout the application process for my placement year. In the initial stages, I received an in-depth review of my application forms which allowed me to highlight my skills specifically in my CV and cover letters. The resources provided by them were extremely helpful when it came to the interviews.

The right choice

If you are doubtful of whether or not to do a placement, I would highly recommend taking that step and going for it. The technical skills gained in a year will put you at a significant advantage when applying for jobs and internships later down the line. While on placement, make sure to absorb as much information and learn from brilliant minds around you!

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