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'When deciding your course, I believe it’s best to start by looking at the world around you'

Oruese Omoru explains why he chose to study chemical engineering and how the University of Bath has set him up for the future.

Oruese relaxes outside a glass building on campus.
Oruese is studying a five year degree that includes a year on placement in industry.

Deciding to study chemical engineering was more of a process than a choice. From being science-orientated in my early teens to becoming fascinated by all aspects of engineering, reading and researching it as much as I could to finally settling upon the one branch that I felt encompassed my engineering interests - chemical engineering.

After researching the different disciplines of engineering further, I was drawn into the sheer breadth of the chemical engineering branch. It seemed to encompass just about everything. I think it is best described as the engineering discipline that designs processes to produce, transport and transform energy or materials. But, I’d say that sentence alone doesn’t quite describe chemical engineering’s impact on our modern world.

When it comes to deciding which course you’d like to study at university, I believe it’s best to start by looking at the world around you. Think about what effect you’d like to leave upon the world, what do you want to offer or solve? Using these sorts of questions as a guide to eventually selecting the course you feel will best equip you with the necessary skills in your future profession.

Why Bath?

The chemical engineering course at Bath has industrial leanings and is tailored towards preparing its students holistically towards a professional engineering career, in whatever sector you choose to pursue.

The syllabus is designed, for chemical engineering at least, in such a way as to bring everyone up to speed, as the students in the cohort studied different subjects and were in different systems at the pre-university level.

I’d say I’m exactly where I should be, learning the necessary skills and gaining the knowledge that’ll set me up to be at the forefront of the field in the near future.

‘The novelty of starting university was intoxicating, the ups, the downs, campus life, socials, lectures, exploring the city of Bath. I’m glad to have lived through them all.’
Oruese Omoru MEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

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