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Department of Computer Science, Programme Catalogue 2012/13

USCM-AFB01: BSc Computing


Mode of attendance: Full-time

arrowYear 3

Year 3

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  • This year of this programme of study does not currently fall within the NFAAR

Students on this programme must choose their units in consultation with the Director of Studies.

Academic Year

Optional Units: Select a minimum of 0 and a maximum of 1 Units from the following list:
AA00021 Choose nothing from this list of options 0 Credits
CM30082 Individual project 18 Credits

Semester 1

Optional Units: Select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 Units from the following list:
CM30070 Computer algebra 6 Credits
CM30072 Safety-critical computer systems 6 Credits
CM30078 Networking 6 Credits
CM30174 Intelligent agents 6 Credits
CM30225 Parallel computing 6 Credits
MA30039 Differential geometry of curves & surfaces 6 Credits
MA30041 Metric spaces 6 Credits
MA30051 Numerical linear algebra 6 Credits
MA30087 Optimisation methods of operational research 6 Credits
MN20032 E-business 6 Credits
MN20074 Business information systems 6 Credits
MN30050 Supply management 6 Credits
MN30281 Privacy, trust and security in information systems 6 Credits
ZZ30001 Director of Studies approved unit 6 Credits

Semester 2

Optional Units: Select a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 Units from the following list:
CM30073 Advanced algorithms & complexity 6 Credits
CM30075 Advanced computer graphics 6 Credits
CM30080 Computer vision 6 Credits
CM30141 Advanced human computer interaction 6 Credits
CM30173 Cryptography 6 Credits
CM30226 Logic and semantics of programming languages 6 Credits
CM30229 Intelligent control and cognitive systems 6 Credits
MA30055 Introduction to topology 6 Credits
MA30056 Complex analysis 6 Credits
MA30231 Projective geometry 6 Credits
MN30076 Business strategy 6 Credits
MN30270 Virtual organising 6 Credits
MN30475 Sustainable operations management 6 Credits
ZZ30004 Director of Studies approved unit 6 Credits

* This programme catalogue is applicable for the 2012/13 academic year only. Students continuing their studies into 2013/14 and beyond should not assume that later years of a programme will be in the format displayed here for 2012/13.
* Programmes and units are subject to change at any time, in accordance with normal University procedures.
* Availability of units will be subject to constraints such as staff availability, minimum and maximum group sizes, and timetabling factors as well as a student's ability to meet any pre-requisite rules.