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CM30082: Individual project

[Page last updated: 04 August 2021]

Academic Year: 2021/2
Owning Department/School: Department of Computer Science
Credits: 24 [equivalent to 48 CATS credits]
Notional Study Hours: 480
Level: Honours (FHEQ level 6)
Academic Year
Assessment Summary: DS 90%, OR 10%
Assessment Detail:
  • Dissertation (DS 90%)
  • Oral (OR 10%)
Supplementary Assessment:
Like-for-like reassessment (where allowed by programme regulations)
Requisites: Before taking this module you must take CM10227 and CM10228 (or XX10190) and CM10193 or CM10251 or undertake suitable prior reading.
Aims: To facilitate the development of an individual Computer Science Project according to an agreed project proposal. To develop skills in research and in the application of new and previously acquired knowledge to the on-time development of a computer science product.

Learning Outcomes: 1. To apply background research to the development of a new product or the production of original research results;
2. To apply appropriate management techniques, preparing and using a project plan, and to adapt the plan in the face of resource constraints;
3. To be able to learn independently and transfer knowledge into unfamiliar situations in a spirit of critical enquiry;
4. To be able to gather requirements and translate these into objectives within a project plan constrained by available resources;
5. To understand the requirements for academic writing, including referencing and the appropriate use of graphs, diagrams and tables;
6. To investigate, select and apply appropriate methods, tools and techniques for the development and delivery of a computer science product;
7. To demonstrate understanding of relevant legislation and ethical practice in the specification, design and development of a software product or experimental process;
8. To be able to evaluate systems in terms of general and specific attributes;
9. To be able to critique personal performance and achievement within the project;
10. To demonstrate academic writing skills within the production of a project dissertation.

Skills: Project Management (T/F, A), Communication (T/F, A), IT (Legal Issues) (T/F, A).

Content: The requirements of a final year Computer Science project: selecting a project and preparing the proposal, with project bounding and planning using appropriate Project Management techniques. Effective and ineffective written communication. When to use graphs, diagrams and pictures. Citing and use of references. Styles of written English. The project dissertation. Conducting effective background research. Review and relation to the project of: laws relating to intellectual property, copyright and patent, Data Protection and Freedom of Information laws, professional practice, ethical experimental practice.
The programme of study for each project will be that defined by the agreed project proposal. Individual project supervisors provide academic direction and appropriate tutorial support during the project. This will include direction to appropriate academic material and skills training that may be required by the student.

Programme availability:

CM30082 is a Designated Essential Unit on the following programmes:

Department of Computer Science
  • USCM-AFB06 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science (Year 3)
  • USCM-AAB07 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Study year abroad (Year 4)
  • USCM-AKB07 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Year long work placement (Year 4)
  • USCM-AFB20 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics (Year 3)
  • USCM-AAB20 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics with Study year abroad (Year 4)
  • USCM-AKB20 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics with Year long work placement (Year 4)
  • USCM-AAB10 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Business with Study year abroad (Year 4)
  • USCM-AKB10 : BSc(Hons) Computer Science with Business with Year long work placement (Year 4)
  • USCM-AFM01 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science (Year 3)
  • USCM-AAM02 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science with Study year abroad (Year 3)
  • USCM-AKM02 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science with Year long work placement (Year 3)
  • USCM-AFM14 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics (Year 3)
  • USCM-AAM14 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics with Study year abroad (Year 3)
  • USCM-AKM14 : MComp(Hons) Computer Science and Mathematics with Year long work placement (Year 3)


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