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Business Objects courses

Online guidance on how to use Business Objects to report on and analyse information held within University databases such as iTrent and SAMIS.


What is Business Objects

Business Objects is a tool which enables you to report on and analyse University administrative data held within:

  • iTrent, the University's HR and Payroll system
  • the Student and Applicant Management Information System (SAMIS), the University's student records system

How to use Business Objects

Review the relevant online guidance:

  • Run reports and do the basics, which introduces you to using the basic functions of Business Objects including the reports feature.
  • Analysing and structuring reports, which focusses on how you can work with reports, including how to structure them and analyse your data.
  • Creating a report if you wish to build a report and use grouping and the creation of variables to help organise and analyse your data.
  • Create a crosstab: covering how to build a cross table and use grouping to help organise and analyse your data.

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