Every year, the Gold Scholarship Programme provides 50 new students from disadvantaged backgrounds with the opportunity to develop through networking, volunteering and mentoring, as well as providing financial support, so they can excel at the University of Bath and beyond.

Having experienced the life-changing impact of the Programme first-hand, many of Bath’s graduated Gold Scholars have since volunteered as Gold Mentors to current students.

As part of the Programme, students complete 50 hours of volunteering, fundraising or outreach per year, and attend personal development, networking, and skills training sessions. Find out more about how Gold Scholarships unlock potential.

In addition, they receive a bursary of £5,000 per year of study (excluding paid placement years) to help with course-related costs, of which £3,000 per student is funded by the generosity of donors and £2,000 is matched by the University.

One Gold Scholar says:

Your generous donation has made my dreams a reality.

Across all years of study, there are more than 150 students with a Gold Scholarship at any one time supported by our donor community.

Thank you to our donors who generously supported undergraduate students in 2022/23:

Individual and Corporate Named Scholarships
Craig Scordellis Gold Scholarships
CQS Gold Scholarships
David & Jane Atterbury Gold Scholarships
Harrison Gold Scholarships
Kernow Gold Scholarships
Mark Danzey Gold Scholarships
MC Gold Scholarships
NG Gold Scholarships
Nicholson Gold Scholarships
Nick Berry Gold Scholarships
Nick Wood Gold Scholarships
Pringle Gear Gold Scholarships
Sanctuary Gold Scholarships
Simon Muderack Gold Scholarships
Spirax-Sarco Gold Scholarships
Ubuntu Gold Scholarships
Wal Gold Scholarships
Wilson MF Wong Gold Scholarships
In Memory
Brigid Memorial Gold Scholarships
Diana Simpson Memorial Gold Scholarships
Salh Gold Scholarships
Legacy Giving
Social Science Gold Scholarships
Redwood Gold Scholarships
Collective Regular Giving
Alumni Fund Gold Scholarships
The Circle’s Gold Scholarship
US Foundation Gold Scholarships

One of our first Gold Scholars says:

My university experience has been made through the Gold Scholarship and the generosity of donors. I have made friends through volunteering and in the Gold community and been kept financially secure throughout my time at University, which has allowed me room to explore new creative and academic outlets without the previously overwhelming pressure of finances.

Most importantly, lifting this burden has given me space during some of the hardest parts of my life, space that was so important to my mental and physical wellbeing.

Thank you so much for all the Gold Scholarship has given me.

The University of Bath is exceptionally grateful to all past and present supporters of the Gold Scholarship Programme. If you are interested in supporting a scholarship, named or otherwise, please contact Bethany Howson, Head of Philanthropy (Student Support).