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Centre for Death and Society Covid-19 information and resources

A collection of information and resources to do with the effects of Covid-19 on death and society.


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Covid-19 has heavily impacted the practicalities of death in society

Our Centre for Death and Society (CDAS) Team Members curate a monthly collection of resources relating to the effects of Covid-19 on death and society.

We include guidance relating to Covid-19 for:

  • grief and bereavement support
  • funeral practices
  • social policy implications

These resources are both written work produced by CDAS staff and general information on Covid-19 from other organisations.

Other news, views, and initiatives on the coronavirus pandemic from around the University of Bath can be found on the COVID-19 news page.

March 2021

Woodthorpe, K., - How has the Coronavirus pandemic and lockdown affected society?

Fang, C., Comery, A., - Understanding Grief During the First-Wave of COVID-19 in the United Kingdom—A Hypothetical Approach to Challenges and Support

February 2021

BBC Newsnight: Interview with Lucy Easthope on managing COVID-19's impact

December 2020

Hefel, J & Randall, M.,- Life is now quiet and calm, during these days sometimes too quiet

September/October 2020

Frisby, H.,- When circumstances allow ...’: funerals in the time of Covid-19

Hanson, L.,- We Will All Be Changed: Palliative Care Transformation in the Time of COVID-19

Vicente da Silva, A.,- Funerals during the COVID-19 pandemic

Teggi, D.,- Care homes as hospices: the problem with long-term care provision towards the end of life in England

August 2020

Troyer, J., - In the time of aids in the age of covid-19

Fang, C., Wilson, J., & Smith, P., - End of life care and bereavement support amid COVID-19

Troyer, J., - Five Lessons that Dead Bodies can Teach Us

Vicente da, A., - Silva COVID-19 pandemic robs Brazil's mourners of traditional rites

July 2020

Stone, P., - Dark tourism memorial sites will help us heal from the trauma of coronavirus

Bear, L., et al, - ‘A Good Death’ During the Covid-19 Pandemic in the UK A Report of Key Findings and Recommendations

Wynne, K., et al, - Dying individuals and suffering populations: applying a population-level bioethics lens to palliative care in humanitarian contexts: before, during and after the COVID-19 pandemic

Forrester-Jones, R., - We had a lockdown choice - care for Amy or never see her

Troyer, J., - COVID-19: Too Many Bodies to bury?

Troyer, J., - Remote, Restricted, and Redesigned: Funerals in the time of Coronavirus

Troyer, J., - In the time of AIDS in the age of COVID-19

June 2020

May 2020

April 2020


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