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Coronavirus (COVID-19) information for postgraduate taught prospective students and offer holders

Information regarding the impact of COVID-19 on postgraduate taught students' ability to study at the University of Bath in the 2021-22 academic year.


We have received a number of questions from applicants and offer holders for our postgraduate taught courses regarding the potential impact of the COVID-19 outbreak on their ability to study at the University of Bath. Many of the questions were similar. We have provided what guidance we can based on the best information we have available at the time of writing, and we will update this guidance in response to new information.

You can also read the latest guidance for postgraduate taught offer holders that was sent on 13 May 2021.

Applying for postgraduate taught study or meeting the conditions of my offer

There will be a delay in my university providing me with my official transcript and/or degree certificate.

We appreciate that some students may experience delays in their university issuing their final transcript and/or degree certificate during this challenging time.

When you apply, please provide your latest transcript so that we can take this into consideration when making our decision.

If you are an offer holder and there are going to be significant delays to you receiving your results, please contact your admissions team to inform them.

If you need a student visa to study in the UK, you should be aware that any delays to you receiving your results may mean that you will not be able to travel to the UK to start in-person teaching on time because you cannot begin to apply for a student visa until we have received your official degree documents.

We will support you in the best possible way to help you to meet your learning outcomes until you are able to come to Bath later in 2021 or early 2022.

As soon as you receive your results, please upload them via the Application Tracker. Our priority will be to update offers to unconditional as soon as we are able so that you can start the process to receive your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS), if required. Find out more detail about the CAS process.

English language conditions

My local IELTS testing centre is closed. What do I do now?

Available responses to the closure of your testing centre will vary by location. In some areas, it may be possible to shift your examination to a different testing centre, but this will not always be possible.

For the majority of our courses you do not need to hold an English language test result when you apply. If we wish to make you an offer, we will make it conditional upon you reaching the required level of English.

If you hold an offer, our normal deadline for provision of English language test results is 31 July 2021. Our hope is that the measures in place will enable our offer holders to meet this deadline. We should normally be able to offer an extension to this deadline, but you should be aware that any delays in providing English language results will mean that you will have less time to secure a student visa (if required), and that an extension may not be possible for degrees that are full.

Does your university accept language tests other than IELTS?

We are now accepting a number of additional English language tests for 2021 entry, including IELTS Indicator, TOEFL iBT Special Home Edition, Duolingo and Password.

See our further information on alternative tests for postgraduate courses for details.

Does your university have any plans to conduct its own language testing as a replacement for IELTS (etc.)?

We are offering the Password Skills test, which is administered by the University.

If you are interested in taking this test please register your interest. We will contact you with further information about dates and times.


Can my deposit be refunded if I am unable to attend due to COVID-19?

We recommend that you wait and see how the situation evolves before requesting a refund of your deposit, because your place will no longer be secure if you were to change your mind at a later date. You have until the start of the course to request a refund. Please contact your admissions team if you wish to discuss a refund of your deposit.


Can I defer my place to the next academic year?

We hope this will not become necessary, but we would be happy to defer offers to the next academic year if you are unable to study with us this year. You should get in touch with your admissions team if you wish to discuss this. Please note that the conditions of your offer may change and fees in subsequent years are likely to be higher than this year.

Start of Semester

What will teaching look like in September?

We are looking forward to welcoming students to Bath for a campus-based experience from September 2021.

We are planning to deliver as much in-person learning on campus, including lectures, workshops, seminars, tutorials and laboratories, as we safely can. The delivery of each course over the next academic year is being specially designed by each department to meet the needs of its students and we will email all offer holders in July with course-level information.

What if I am unable to come to campus at the start of my course?

This academic year your course is being delivered on-campus, and you should arrive as soon as you can for in-person learning.

However, we recognise that some of you may be unable to come to Bath in September, perhaps due to any remaining travel restrictions associated with COVID-19. If this affects you, we will support you in the best way we can to help you to meet your learning outcomes until you are able to come to Bath later in 2021 or early in 2022.

We hope that these arrangements will make life a little easier for you, so you can enrol in our high-quality courses, without having to worry about whether you will be able to come to Bath in person at the start of your course.

Can I start my Master's course online, and finish it in Bath later in the year?

Yes. If you are unable to come to Bath in September, you will have access to online course content and academic and pastoral support until you are able to arrive. We will communicate more information about the online support available to all offer holders in July.

Travelling to the UK

Will the University of Bath provide support to students travelling to the UK?

We are pleased to confirm that we will help cover the costs for you if you are travelling to Bath from red, amber and green list countries where quarantining is required. Please see our webpage for further information.

Does the University run an airport coach transfer service?

There is a free coach service for all University of Bath students from Bristol Airport and Heathrow Airport. Please see our webpages for further information.

Will I be able to get a Covid-19 vaccine in the UK?

All students are eligible to get a Covid-19 vaccine. Please see our webpages for further information on how you can get your vaccination in Bath, if you have not already received both doses.

Pre-sessional English courses

How will the pre-sessional programmes be delivered?

Both our 10-week and 5-week pre-sessional English programmes (PSE) are being delivered online. They will continue throughout the period 12 July–17 September and 12 August-17 September to ensure a PSE route to postgraduate study.

PSE applicants can also now use test scores from any approved English language test to join the online PSE. All exams must have been taken within 24 months prior to the start of your course.

For further information, please visit our pre-sessional programme pages.


Are you still awarding scholarships for October 2021 entry?

You can find out more information on our 'Taught postgraduate scholarships, bursaries, and other funding' page.

Please note that scholarships are only valid for 2021 entry. If you are awarded a scholarship and defer your entry to the next academic year you will be required to reapply for our scholarships.

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