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Frequently asked questions about the income process

A list of the most frequently asked questions about the Income Office processes.


Payment Queries

Which payment methods can be used to pay tuition fees?

Visit our Paying your tuition fees page for all available payment options.

How do I pay for my course deposit?

Your course deposit must be paid through 'Application Tracker' within the Samis portal.

Can I pay my tuition fee by bank transfer?

Tuition fees can be paid by bank transfer via the University's approved payment provider Flywire.

Can I pay by cash or cheque?

The Income Office no longer accept cash or cheque as a method of payment for tuition fees or any other invoice.

I don’t think I can pay my tuition fees by the first semester deadline, what do I do?

Please contact our Student Finance Office as soon as possible by e-mailing

I don’t think I can pay my invoice by the invoice due date, what do I do?

Please contact our Credit Control team as soon as possible by e-mailing

What do I do if I receive cash in my department?

Departments should no longer be accepting cash. If your department does have cash, please contact as soon as possible to discuss how to proceed.

When is the Income Office open?

Please visit our office page for the latest information with regards to our Income Office opening hours and working situation.

Income Office General Queries

What is the University’s VAT number?

The University’s VAT number: GB 639 5421 22

Who can help me with coding income received for my department?

Liaise with your department’s finance team to understand where your department’s income should be coded. For assistance from central finance, speak with your faculty/ department accountant.

I am expecting an ad-hoc payment from a payee who isn’t a university customer, has it been received?

Please complete the following where is my BACS income form on the self-service portal

Customers and Sales Orders

I need to invoice a new organisation/individual, how do I set up a new customer or sponsor account?

See our Customer Summary Guide and follow either the Agresso or Samis steps.

I need to add a new contact to an existing customer, what should I do?

For additional Agresso contacts/ delivery lines, follow our amending a customer guidance page.

We do not record contacts in Samis. If you would like an invoice to be addressed to the attention of a contact, this can be added to column J on the Samis invoicing spreadsheet.

How do I raise an invoice or credit note on Agresso or Samis?

See our sales order summary guide for further information. A sales order prepared by a department will be converted into an invoice by the Income Office. Please contact us if you need to raise your first Samis invoice or credit note.

How long will it take for my Sales Order to be approved and invoice sent to the customer?

Both Agresso and Samis related sales order are usually converted to an invoice and sent to the customer or student within three days. Agresso will notify you when your Agresso Sales Order has been approved.

I have raised an Agresso sales order/ sales credit in error, it has not been approved yet, how do I cancel it?

Contact as soon as possible requesting for the sales order/ sales credit to be cancelled. Ensure you provide the reference number.

How do I cancel an invoice in Agresso which has already been sent to a customer?

You will need to raise a sales credit which we will convert into a credit note and issue to the customer. See our sales order summary guide for assistance with raising a credit note.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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