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Job grading

Find out about how the University grades jobs.


Job evaluation

Job evaluation is a means of assessing the relative size of jobs within an organisation.

We use job evaluation to ensure consistency and fairness when assessing the jobs of staff paid in Grades 2 to 9 on the main pay and grading structure. We use the HERA (Higher Education Role Analysis) job evaluation scheme.

A job evaluation scheme can ensure:

  • a fair, equitable and transparent process for comparing the relative size of jobs
  • consistency and parity across the University
  • a demonstration of the principle of equal pay for work of equal value
  • the promotion of fairness and equality generally


HERA is an analytical factor based job evaluation scheme. It aims to assess the relative value of roles in a consistent and fair manner. HERA focuses on wider aspects of a job rather than on individual tasks. It analyses jobs based on 14 elements covering a range of duties and responsibilities.

The 14 elements are:

  • communication
  • teamwork and motivation
  • liaison and networking
  • service delivery
  • decision making
  • planning and organising resources
  • initiative and problem solving
  • analysis and research
  • sensory and physical demands
  • work environment
  • pastoral care and welfare
  • team development
  • teaching and learning support
  • knowledge and experience


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