Before you begin

Trainees should have a basic familiarity with the Windows environment and familiarity with using other Microsoft Office applications.

Delivery Method: Self-paced
Course Duration: Roughly 15 hours

What you will learn

Microsoft Project is a project management application. We offer one long course split into six parts to help you make the most of the application. You will learn how to:

  • start Microsoft Project and work with its key screen features
  • create a new project
  • understand key project management concepts to help you use the software
  • add tasks to a project, set their durations and allocate resources to them
  • manage your resources and deal with over allocation of them
  • understand resource assignment concepts to best allocate resources
  • enter a wide range of costs into a project
  • set constraints and deadlines for a project
  • track and analyse a project
  • print information from a project.

Access the material

You can access our self service Microsoft Project course via our Microsoft Office course on Moodle. Any member of staff or postgraduate student can access these and learn at their own pace. You will need your University username and password to access them. The course comes in six parts:

  1. Introduction to Microsoft Project
  2. Setting and managing tasks
  3. Allocating resources
  4. Dealing with materials & costs
  5. Tracking your project
  6. Use data tools to analyse your project

Alternatively, Microsoft Project Level 3 is available to cover more advanced concepts in all of the above. If you need further help and advice on using Project you can contact us via email or visit the Microsoft Project help centre.

Contact us for a workshop

The time for the course is an estimate, you can complete them at your own pace. If you would like to work through some or all of the above content with a tutor please contact us and we will arrange a workshop, or a set of five workshops lasting three hours each, to allow you to learn with the aid of the tutor.

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