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Outlook training courses

Access online resources to help you use Microsoft Outlook to send and receive emails and manage your calendar.


Why you might use Outlook

Outlook is a Microsoft tool to send and receive emails and manage your calendar. It offers you functionality to:

  • Organise your inbox and focus on the email that matter most.
  • Manage your mail with automate replies and task management features.
  • Manage your calendar and meetings.

Access online guidance and resources

Explore online step-by step guidance and videos within the Outlook section of our University of Bath Learning Pathways site, covering topics such as:

Alternatively, you can access PDF manuals via Moodle.

Rather than attaching a physical file, create a shareable link to your online file and set the permissions so that others can view or edit.

Sharing a link to a file makes sharing:

  • More secure.
  • Saves you time as you can co-author and collaborate online and in real time.
  • Reduces the risk of having multiple copies of the same file.

Review the guidance on storing and sharing files to help you determine the best place to keep your document. Your University OneDrive is deleted when you leave the University, so it's best to create or move your file elsewhere unless it's personal to you.

Review the Microsoft guidance within the University's Learning Pathways site

Microsoft Outlook

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