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Past events held by the Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA)

A list of events, seminars and webinars held by the Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA).


Below is a list of past events that Centre for Research in Education in Asia (CREA) have held.

Where possible, we try to record our events so people can join in with our research. If there is an event you are interested in watching, please visit our YouTube channel, where a range of events can be enjoyed again.

2023 events

Recontextualising and translating 21st century competencies into curriculum - Prof Zongyi Deng

8 February 2023

In this talk, Professor Zongyi Deng explored how 21st-century competencies are recontextualised into educational aims and translated into the national curriculum in Singapore and, in so doing, looked at questions about the competency discourse and the way of translating competencies into the curriculum.

2022 events

Families, the State and Educational Inequality in the Singapore City-State - Dr Charleen Chiong

19 January 2022

CREA started off our 2022 Seminar Series with a fantastic talk by Dr Charleen Chiong and hosted by our own Dr Arif Naveed. Over 30 participants gathered online from around the world to hear Dr Chiong talk about the study she's just published in her new book "Families, the State and Educational Inequality in the Singapore City-State2.

Developing the Multi-Rs Resilience Model through a Sociological Perspective - Dr Michael Mu

Watch a recording of this seminar

23 February 2022

Dr Michael Mu from the Queensland University of Technology joined us on February 23rd 2022 to present his Multi-R model of resilience. In an hour-long talk, Dr Mu went into personal detail about why he studies resilience, sharing the stories of some of the children who inspired his work. Though he could not go into the fine detail, it was fascinating to hear about how Dr Mu understands and is working on resilience from a sociological perspective.

Watch a recording of this seminar

Social mobility, multilingualism and language education

30 March 2022

Professor Yongyan Zheng discussed the challenges and opportunities of multilingualism in Chinese language-in-education planning. She explored issues such as globalisation and the deepening of exchanges in the international political, economic, and trade, massive migration, and the transnational movement of talents.

Watch a recording of this seminar

Linguistic Distance and Translanguaging: Teaching Malay-English bilingual learners

27 April 2022

Dr Viniti Vaish presented a talk on teaching Malay-English bilinguals who are struggling to read in English. Her talk explored the practicalities of pedagogical translanguaging and the value of strong forms of translanguaging in learning new vocabulary, especially for students whose use of two languages show signs of cross-linguistic transfer.

Watch a recording of this seminar

Experiencing academic publishing

25 May 2022

In this talk, Xuesong (Andy) Gao spoke about his experience of academic publishing as an author, manuscript reviewer, and journal editor.


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