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TOPdesk courses

Access online resources to help you use the Request for Change and Incident Management modules in TOPdesk.


TOPdesk is used by many departments across the University to manage customer queries (referred to as incidents) through a ticketing and workflow system.

Access the resources within the TOPdesk course on Moodle to find out more and review guidance and videos on how to use the software.

The course includes three sections, with suitability dependant on your role:

  • TOPdesk - Creating and Managing Tickets, which is recommended for all TOPdesk operators. You'll learn how to create, update, close and escalate IT incident reports (tickets) in TOPdesk.
  • TOPdesk - Requests for Change and the Change Calendar, which is mandatory for all DDaT staff who are involved in the change process. You'll learn about requests for change.
  • TOPdesk - Selections and Reports, which is recommended for all team leaders (if your team use TOPdesk) so you can create selections and reports about the incidents and tickets managed by your team.

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