Key dates

Welcome Week 27 September – 1 October 2021

  • Arrivals Thursday 23 – Sunday 26 September
  • Welcome Week / Freshers' - Monday 27 September – Sunday 3 October
  • Last date for registration - 18 October

Key links

Information points

Please direct students to these information points if you are unable to help them:

  • Students’ Union: Thursday 23 September - Friday 1 October 9.45am to 5pm
  • The Parade: Thursday 23 September – Wednesday 29 September 9.45am to 5pm
  • The Tent on Chancellors’ Green: Thursday 23 September - Friday 1 October 9.45am to 5pm

Passport Checks (students with overseas fee status only)

Students on a Student visa must attend a passport check session.

Passport check sessions will be available from early September 2021 and must be booked in advance. Students can only book appointments once the Student Immigration Service has contacted them to invite them to book a slot. We strongly recommend students book their passport check session as soon as possible after the Student Immigration Service has contacted them, and after any period of quarantine they may have to observe.

Admissions teams may also contact students separately to ask that they show them their original qualifications or final transcripts, even if they have already provided copies.

Maps & location

  • Campus maps (including an accessibility map and city map)

Top 5 Links

  1. information about accommodation arrivals
  2. getting to campus
  3. how to pay accommodation fees
  4. international students passport checks and visa collection
  5. Student Finance Team