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Winners of the Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards is a celebration of public engagement with research run by the Public Engagement Unit, find out more about past winners.


Award winners holding their awards standing in front of a banner that says Public Engagement at Bath
Winners of the 2019 Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards

Running since 2013 the Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Awards were relaunched as the Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards. The Awards were redesigned in consultation with colleagues across the University of Bath to embrace the much broader range of engagement activities happening across the University of Bath today compared to back in 2013 and from 2019 will are run biennially.

The Vice-Chancellor’s Engage Awards aim to reward and celebrate the work of colleagues from across the University of Bath who are engaging non-academic audiences with their research.


  • Informing - Dr Jo Daniels (Department of Psychology) for her work engaging policy-makers at local and national levels, with her research on wellbeing and retention in the emergency medicine workforce.

  • Listening - The Leisure or Livelihoods? team of academic and young people peer researchers in Ghana, Malawi and UK nominated by Dr Darragh McGee (Department for Health) for their work incorporating young people’s voices, knowledge and lived experience investigating the impacts of gambling on individual and community health and wellbeing.

  • Working together- Professor Jason Hart (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for his collaboration with arts organisations and young people exploring understandings of child protection of refugees in Gaza, Palestine and Jordon.

  • Leadership - Dr Christina Horvath (Department of Politics, Languages & International Studies) for her commitment to engaging and involving people in her research and through which working to inspire and support colleagues in her Department to carry out their own public engagement activities.

  • Civic and Local Engagement - Dr Ceri Brown and Dr Alison Douthwaite (Department of Education) who worked across B&NES, Wiltshire and Somerset with the NEETHood project, trailing interventions with education practitioners and policymakers to shape policy and practice around the issue of young people not in education, employment or training (NEET).


  • Informing - Dr Jo Daniels (Department of Psychology) for her extensive media engagement with her research into anxiety in medical conditions and how it related to the COVID-19 pandemic which reached diverse public groups.

  • Working together- Dr Jenny Scott (Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology) for her work engaging with people who use drugs and those who deliver frontline care from pharmacies to co-produce an intervention to improve the take-up of emergency medication during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Leadership - Professor Chris Budd (Department of Mathematical Sciences) for his work over the last 20 years helping to foster a positive culture of PublicEngagement at the University and working to supporting others in his own department and across the faculties of Science and Engineering and Design to engage people with their research.

  • Civic and Local Engagement - Dr Alexander Lunt (Department of Mechanical Engineering) who led on and mobilised a team of 70 colleagues from right across the University who gave nearly 7,000 hours of their time to produce more than 400,000 pieces of personal protective equipment for frontline health and social care services during the COVID-19 emergency.

The Vice-Chancellor's Engage Awards 2021 brochure gives more details about the winners and all the shortlisted candidates.


  • Informing - Dr Sally Adams and Craig Gunn (Department of Psychology) for their varied engagement work on the effects of alcohol hangovers on the way individuals think and behave.

  • Listening - Dr Alinka Gearon (Department of Social & Policy Sciences) for her project that aimed to listen to and give voice to children and young people who had been trafficked to the UK.

  • Working together- Dr Jade Norris (Department of Psychology) for her project improving the experiences of people with autism of services such as education and criminal justice.

  • Leadership - Dr Janet Bultitude (Department of Psychology) leading the Department of Psychology to create a culture where public engagement is supported and nurtured.

  • Special Recognition Award - Dr Frances Laughton (Department of Physics) in recognition of her dedicated work leading the public engagement agenda within the Department of Physics.

Past award winners 2014-2018

Before relaunching in 2019 the Vice-Chancellor’s Public Engagement with Research Awards ran annually between 2013 and 2018 and invited researchers to submit a portfolio of public engagement activities. Two awards were presented, one for research staff and one for postgraduate researchers. Past winners included:


Staff Award - Dr Ventsislav Valev, Department of Physics

Postgraduate Prize - Bethan Charles, Department of Chemistry


Staff Award - Dr Afroditi Stathi, Department for Health

Postgraduate Prize - Daniela De Angeli, Department of Computer Science


Staff Award - Dr Kit Yates, Department of Mathematical Sciences

Postgraduate Prize - Jemma Rowlandson, Department of Chemical Engineering


Staff Award - Dr Sarah Bailey, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Postgraduate Prize - Jon Chouler, Department of Chemical Engineering


Staff Award - Dr Paul Shepherd, Department of Architecture & Civil Engineering

Postgraduate Prize - Lisa Sargeant, Department of Chemical Engineering

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