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Integrative Think Tank 15

ITTs take high level challenges from external partners and formulate them into mathematical questions that can be addressed through long-term research projects.

  • 31 Jan 2022, 9.30am to 4 Feb 2022, 3.00pm GMT
  • Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution, Bath, United Kingdom
  • This event is free
This event is invitation-only
Group discussion
Problem formulation at an ITT

ITT15 partners are Central Laser Facility and the Bath Beacon in zero carbon offshore power.

The partners bring a wide variety of statistical applied mathematics driven-challenges which, through facilitated group work and creation of small, mixed-expertise teams, will be re-formulated into large mathematical questions that can be taken forward as PhD projects. These include:

  • Using measured light intensity and “inverting” it to reconstruct images. Can this be achieved when the scattered signal is not wavelength resolved? How to deconvolve the signal based on a spectral shaping of the probe light?
  • Informing the experimental design based on mathematical limitations. What sort of experimental set-up (such as acquisition parameters, functional form of spectral shaping) would be optimal for specific image processing tasks?
  • Is it possible to use hybrid techniques, such as combining coherent diffraction imaging with lateral shearing interferometry or Fourier transform spectroscopy?
  • Handling large multi-dimensional data-sets combined with efficient and robust computational algorithms.
  • Modelling of electricity grid dynamics accounting for short-term and long-term characteristics of wind and tidal power generation.
  • Improved modelling of wind turbine dynamics and fatigue to allow more sustainable design, construction and control of wind turbine blades.
  • Quantifying uncertainty in renewable energies and optimisation of placement of generators, including tidal and wave energy generation.


For all days except Wednesday 2 January: Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution Wednesday 2 January: Bath Spa University, Locksbrook Campus

Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institution 16-18 Queen Square Bath BA1 2HN United Kingdom


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