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LMS Prospects in Mathematics 2020

Join us (online) to find out about opportunities for PhD study in mathematics in the UK.

  • 10 Sep 2020, 10.30am to 11 Sep 2020, 4.00pm BST (GMT +01:00)
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

All Finalist Maths Undergraduates who are considering applying for a Maths PhD in 2021 are invited to attend the online 2020 London Mathematical Society (LMS) Prospects in Mathematics Meeting.

The meeting will feature speakers from a wide range of mathematical fields across the UK who will discuss their current research and what opportunities are available to you.


Thursday 10 September
10:30 Imre Leader (Combinatorics)
11:00 Amanda Turner (Probability)
11:30 Christl Donnelly (Statistics)
14:00 Lucia Scardia (Applied analysis)
14:30 Apala Majumdar (Continuum mechanics and materials science)
15:00 Susie Douglas (Information session about PhD application process)
15:30 Panel session with current PhD students
Friday 11 September
10:30 Kit Yates (Mathematical biology)
11:00 Catherine Powell (Numerical analysis)
11:30 Colin Christopher (Dynamical systems)
14:00 Ana Caraiani (Number theory)
14:30 Hamid Ahmadinezhad (Geometry)
15:00 Sue Sierra (Algebra)

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