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Research Software Support

Get help and advice from the University’s team of Research Software Engineers. Available to researchers and doctoral students.

  • 10 Feb 2023, 10.00am to 23 Dec 2023, 5.00pm GMT
  • This is an online event.
  • This event is free

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Software plays an important role in delivering research outcomes. The Research Software Engineering group can help you design and develop efficient and robust software that is optimised to meet your research needs - now and in the future.

Code is often written for a specific research project, but if software development best practices are not carefully followed, your software may not be reusable and scalable for your longer term needs, and your results may not be reproducible.

Book time now to discuss how we can assist with your research software needs by providing advice, guidance and training or becoming a project collaborator. We advise on best practices such as testing, version control, and documentation.

Get help with:

  • Designing sustainable code
  • Optimising software to run more efficiently
  • Software development best practices such as version control, testing, documentation and reproducibility
  • Research funding proposals involving software development
  • Choosing the right technology and tools to solve your research question
  • Troubleshooting a specific problem

Available to all researchers and doctoral students.

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Research Software Engineering

We can help you analyse data, develop research software, optimise your usage of cloud computing and provide programming skills training. Find out more