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Research Software Engineering

We can help you analyse data, develop research software, optimise your usage of cloud computing and provide programming skills training.

Work with us

Research software is essential to scientific discovery across all fields and disciplines.

We work with colleagues across the University to:

  • Develop effective, scalable and reliable research software that accelerates output
  • Ensure best use of high performance computing technology to achieve research objectives
  • Advance data analysis methodologies and ensure research reproducibility

The RSE group also help with grant development, can become a collaborator on your project, provide digital skills development and run training courses in programming languages.

Our services

Achieve your research goals with software optimised for your needs.

Bath's move to cloud research computing will give us the capacity to tailor our HPC infrastructure to meet your unique research needs.

Combined with the newest software optimised for your discipline, it will create new opportunities for pursuing deeper understanding and more complex knowledge in your specific area of research. 

Free advice, consultancy and partnerships
We offer free advice and support, short-term consultancy and long-term partnerships. Our paid for work can be grant funded or charged at a daily rate.

Get help with:

  • Designing sustainable and scalable code
  • Optimising software to run more efficiently
  • Software development best practices such as version control, testing, documentation and reproducibility
  • Research funding proposals involving software development
  • Choosing the right technology and tools to solve your research question
  • Troubleshooting a specific problem

Book a Research Software Support appointment to discuss how we can help you achieve your research goals, or email:

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