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Nimbus cloud supercomputer

Optimal compute and data storage solutions for your evolving research needs, including AI and machine learning capabilities.

Achieve your research goals

Nimbus can tackle the most challenging research questions in a fraction of the time usually required.

Bath's high performance computing environments are available to all academic staff and doctoral students.

  • Nimbus is scalable to meet both the smallest and largest computational needs
  • Choose from a large diversity of processors optimised to meet specific research needs
  • Tiered and cost effective storage solutions for short or long term data storage
  • Choose a guaranteed Pay-As-You-Go compute service or a significantly cheaper Spot services which carries the risk of being terminated.
  • Hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud, Nimbus runs on regularly updated cutting-edge hardware.

Think big. Be bold.

Nimbus has critical AI capabilities, near-limitless compute power and flexible storage options.

Our new cloud supercomputer promises to accelerate our scientific discovery process exponentially and allows us to engage globally in computationally intensive research.

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Technical specifications

Compute, networking, software and storage options.

Training material

Get started using Bath's High Performance Computing environments

Costs, evictions and funding

Calculate your compute costs, learn about eviction charges and secure funding for your research.

There is a cost associated with using the Nimbus, so you will need funding to cover your computational costs.

Calculate your compute costs

Use the Research Computing Cost Estimator tool to calculate your compute costs.

Simply launch the tool, then select the compute instances you require and specify how many node hours you need.

Eviction charges

Spot compute VMs are available at a much lower cost than Pay as you go VMs. However, Spot VM workloads can be evicted (terminated) and your unsaved data will be lost.

Your Spot VM job is more likely to get evicted if you:

  • Run your job on many nodes
  • Run jobs for long durations

And Spot VMs are only ideal for workloads that:

Research Computing will cover the cost of your evicted jobs up to 6 Node Hours.

If you run a job larger than 6 Node Hours on Spot VM and it is evicted, you will be charged for the cost incurred up until your job is evicted. This charging policy is in place to ensure we stay within the centrally allocated Research Computing budget.

Secure funding to run your workloads

You can receive high performance computing (HPC) funding from your department's Research Computing Champion, or a research project PI may grant you access to use their HPC budget.

Alternatively, you can apply for a University Research Computing Accelerator Award or external grant funding. Find out more.

Manage your HPC funds

Manage your HPC funds with the Research Computing Account Management (RCAM) Portal

RCAM Portal

Use the University's Research Computing Account Management (RCAM) Portal to administer your HPC budget, adjust budget allocations and monitor your spending.

You need a (University VPN connection) to access the portal.

Top up your HPC budget
Research grant holders and owners of Business World (Agresso) cost codes can request to have additional funds transferred into their 'HPC budget' category.

Not sure how to use RCAM?
Join our one-hour online training course for new users and experienced users that need help completing specific tasks in the portal.

Research spotlight

Learn how cloud HPC is helping Prof Wolverson explore new super thin materials with promising applications in electronics, healthcare and energy materials.

Find out more
Computer generated image of the charge density wave material 1T-tantalum diselenide.

Bath's supercomputing environments

Nimbus is the largest of Bath's research computing environments

Acknowledge Research Computing

Citing us helps secure continued funding for our services.

Find out how to acknowledge Research Computing in your publications and when presenting results.

Read our simple 3 step guide
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Training course: Cloud HPC for new users

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