Working specifications


Nimbus is hosted on the powerful and highly scalable Microsoft Azure platform, which offers virtually unlimited on-demand HPC computing and storage to meet your specific research needs.

The cloud environment includes the Azure CycleCloud tool, which give you a simple way to configure workloads. It also lets you optimise and scale the HPC infrastructure to meet your evolving research needs. CycleCloud includes the open source Slurm workload manager.


  • 2 TB Home storage for user log in
  • Up to 256 TB Campaign area for data storage
  • Full integration with University of Bath home drive storage


Network fabrics

  • Mellanox EDR InfiniBand (100 Gb/sec or 200 Gb/s depending on the series)

Software environment

Use Nimbus for your research

Nimbus is available to academic researchers, PhD students and undergraduate students at the University.

Find out what you need to do to use Nimbus and request access.