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Acknowledging Research Computing in publications

Citing us helps secure continued funding for our services. Find out how to acknowledge us in your publications and when presenting results.

Why it is important

The University’s high performance computing environments and Research Software Engineers enable important research findings.

Acknowledging us in your publications and presentations allows us to demonstrate research impact and helps secure continued core funding for our services.

1. What to always include

All publications and presentations resulting from the use of our services should at the very least include this acknowledgement:

The authors gratefully acknowledge the University of Bath’s Research Computing Group ( for their support in this work.

Additionally, Research Computing should be cited in the reference list using this DOI:

University of Bath, Research Computing Group, DOI: 10.15125/b6cd-s854

2. Help from Research Computing staff

If you have had significant assistance, guidance or help from Research Computing staff, or where staff have personally generated research data, the person should be acknowledged by name:

The authors thank [insert name(s)] from the Research Computing Group at the University of Bath ( for [his/her/their] support and guidance in this work.

3. Contributions that merit co-authorship

If Research Computing staff make a substantive contribution to your research project, it merits co-authorship of papers published from this research.

This includes significant contributions to the project design, original ideas, critical input, extensive analysis and interpretation.

Contact us

For any questions, please email us.

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