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Adding responsible Organisations and Groups to a website page

How to select relevant Organisations or Groups to show who is responsible for the content on a page.

Selecting an owner Organisation or Group

Once you have completed the content fields in the publishing platform, save your work to activate the dropdown menu below 'Owner organisation and group'.

Use this dropdown to choose who is primarily responsible for maintaining this content. If it's a Group, select the Group itself, not the parent Organisation.

The name of the owner Organisation or Group will be displayed on the page itself.

The page can also be featured on the landing page of the owner Organisation or Group and will appear in a list of all their content.

Selecting an associated Organisation and Group

Use the multi-selection box below 'Associated organisations and groups' to choose.

Members of both owner and associated Organisations or Groups will be able to access and edit the content in the publishing platform.

For example, most of the information on the Right to Rent campaign page is provided by International Student Advice, which is a Group within Student Services. But one section is managed by members of the Student Accommodation team.

In this example:

  • International Student Advice should be the owner, as it is primarily responsible for the page
  • Student Accommodation should be associated, as they also need access to edit the page

This content can be edited by users in International Student Advice, its parent Organisation Student Services, and the associated Group Student Accommodation.


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