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Administrator access for your Mac using Privileges

Privileges is an app coming to University-managed Macs that allows you to upgrade your rights to get administrator access and install software or download apps.

What is Privileges

When operating your device for day-to-day use, it is considered security best practice to be using a Standard (non-administrative) account, rather than an administrator account. Because of this, we are introducing Privileges to new University-managed Macs. Privileges will also be coming to existing University-managed Macs, but not until a later date. You will not need to use this if you are using your personal Mac.

Privileges is an application on new University-managed Macs that allows you to grant administrative rights so you can still complete tasks such as:

  • Installing an update (Configuration changes)
  • Download software

Whilst the Digital, Data and Technology (DDaT) department are working hard to reduce the need for administrator privileges on Macs by having University-managed software, you may still encounter scenarios where administrator access is required.

How to elevate to administrator using Privileges

Use the Privileges app to gain administrator access on your University-managed Mac. Watch the video or follow the steps below:

  1. Open the “Privileges” application (the app icon is green and has a lock).
  2. Press “Request privileges”.
  3. Enter your University account password or use the biometric scanner on your Mac.
  4. You will now have administrator privileges and the app icon will now be orange, showing an unlocked lock icon.

How to remove administrator using Privileges

Watch the video to learn how to gain administrator access using Privileges or follow the steps below.

Once you are finished using elevated privileges you should always remove your access by:

  1. Pressing the orange icon with an unlocked lock.
  2. Then Press “Remove privileges”.

To reduce the security risks of having elevated privileges for long periods, you will be prompted to remove your privileges every 15 minutes until you return to your standard permissions.

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