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Contacting friends and family in your home country

Different ways you can contact your friends and family in your home country while studying at Bath.


Making international calls

To call home dial 00, then your country code, followed by the number. If the number starts with a zero you may need to leave it out.

Mobile phones

The UK has several mobile phone companies. There are three types of phone deals you can get.

Pay monthly

The cost of monthly contract phones can vary. Check the details of your tariff before signing. Exceeding your call, text or data limits can lead to extra charges.

Monthly contracts in the UK can last for between 12 and 24 months. You may face charges for breaking your contract early.

Pay as you go

Once you've paid for the phone, you can buy credit and use it when you need it. As you only pay for what you use, this can make budgeting easier.


In this deal, you only get the SIM card. You have to buy the phone separately. You are not tied to a contract of paying a single price every month. If you don't pay for a month, you won't get your set amount of minutes, texts and data.

You can also ask other students to get some advice on what phone contract might be best for you.


University internet access

You will receive a computer username and password when you join the University. Once you have this, you can use our PCs on campus.


You can use our Wi-Fi service eduroam on your devices.

Online applications

Once online, you can use Skype or other applications to have video chat or voice calls for free.

Letters and parcels

There is a post office on campus inside the Fresh supermarket.

The charges for letters and parcels can vary. Find out the prices by using Royal Mail's Price Finder Service.

You should send any important documents such as passports by Recorded Delivery or Special Delivery. These require a signature from the person you are sending it to and insures you against loss.

Find out more about receiving student mail and parcels at the University.


If you have any questions, please contact us.

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