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Connecting to Wi-Fi

How to connect your device to the University Wi-Fi, whether you are a student, member of staff or visitor.

Connecting to Wi-Fi as a member of staff or student

Staff and students can use the eduroam Wi-Fi network.

eduroam is a free, global Wi-Fi service for students and university staff. You can also use it at many other universities around the world. If you are visiting from another university which uses eduroam, you can connect to the service here using your own university login details.

eduroam is subject to the University IT Acceptable Use Policy and the eduroam (UK) Policy.

To connect to eduroam, you need:

  • your university email address, like
  • your university password

Your University of Bath email is made up of your username, like 'abc123', followed by ''. You can find your username on your library card.

If you are a member of staff, you must use your '' email address, not ''.

Connect to eduroam

On campus

To connect to eduroam whilst on campus (including other University buildings):

  • If your device has internet connection (such as a 4G mobile phone) you can use the configuration tool
  • If your device does not have an internet connection (whilst on campus), you can connect to the ‘Setup Assistant’ wireless network in the Wi-Fi settings of your device

Before you arrive

If you want to set up your device to use eduroam ahead of time, you can use:

You will need to be connected to the internet already to use the configuration tool.

After using the configuration tool, your device should connect to eduroam automatically when you arrive on campus (including other University buildings) or at an affiliated organisation.

Connecting to Wi-Fi as a visitor

If you are visiting the campus (including other University buildings), you can use the 'WiFi Guest' network.

This network is for visitors and guests who cannot use eduroam. Bandwidth is limited to 3Mbps per user to help ensure a fair service for all visitors.

If you are visiting from another university that uses eduroam, see 'Connecting to Wi-Fi as a student or member of staff' on this page for a faster connection.

You will need to register to use 'WiFi Guest'. You do not need a University email address to connect.

Connect to WiFi Guest

  1. Open the Wi-Fi settings on your device
  2. Select 'WiFi Guest' from the list
  3. Once you are connected, open your web browser and refresh the page. Your browser may open automatically
  4. Select your authentication method to continue

Connecting to Wi-Fi if you can't use eduroam

Some devices can't connect to eduroam. If you are a student or member of staff, you may need to use the UoB-IoT network if you are trying to connect a:

  • Smart TV, Apple TV or other TV box
  • Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii or older games console
  • Older Kindle or other eReader
  • PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS or older handheld console

If your device is not able to connect to eduroam, register your device to access UoB-IoT wireless network.

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