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Have your say on Mental Health and Wellbeing at the University

If you have thoughts, ideas, and feedback on our mental health and wellbeing provision, this Guide will show you how to reach the right people.

We have multiple opportunities available for students and staff to feedback to the University and the Students' Union.

Student: Be Well Survey

25 October - 22 November 2022

The SU and the University jointly survey students about their mental health and wellbeing every year. This anonymous survey enables us to track prevalence of students' concerns with mental health and identifies areas of development and interventions to put in place to support students. All registered students at the University of Bath will be invited to complete the survey.

Student: People to contact

Your SU Officers and Representatives are here to help to make your time at Bath the best it can be. Blake Walker is your Community Officer for 2022/23 and they can be contacted here.

Heads of Departments and Services are always pleased to receive feedback that will help inform or improve their offer. You can do this informally, or if you have a more serious concern you can submit a formal complaint.

Student: Get involved

Get in touch with the SU via their Ideas to Action programme.

Join Student Minds - Student Minds Bath is a student-led group committed to supporting university students with their mental health and wellbeing on and off campus.

Staff: Work and Wellbeing survey

29 November - 13 December 2022

The latest Work and Wellbeing survey is live, please keep an eye on your University email address and staff homepage for the link.

This staff survey is conducted regularly throughout the year.

Staff: People to contact

You can speak to your line manager or get in touch directly with your HR adviser with suggestions and opportunities.

Staff Wellbeing Champion Network is made up of volunteers from across the University who play a key role in supporting a culture of wellbeing here for staff. You can get in touch with them here.

Heads and Directors of Departments and Services are always pleased to receive feedback that will help inform or improve their processes.

Staff: Get involved

You can volunteer as a Wellbeing Champion, to help drive forward staff wellbeing initiatives alongside the Health, Safety and Wellbeing team.

Find out how the Univeristy and SU have used your feedback to improve our provision

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