You said… you valued being able to access same day support on a drop in basis.
We… created the Student Support Advice Service.

You said… that money was causing you worries.
We… created cost of living advice and support for students and doubled our hardship fund.

You said… you wanted space on campus designed to support neurodiversity.
We… created the sensory room.

You said… that many of you were experiencing bereavement.
We… created our Bereavement support at Bath

You said… we needed to provide more culturally appropriate counselling.
We… formed an agreement with Nilaari to offer Culturally appropriate counselling and set up the Black Students’ Network Wellbeing Programme.

You said… you needed more informal preventative workshops, courses, and activities to improve your mental health.
We… now offer Courses and workshops for better mental health as well as Wellbeing Groups and Events via Social prescribing at Bath. We also now offer the Be Well App which supports you to build bitesize habits to help your wellbeing.

You said… you needed more flexible support while away on Placements or Study Year Abroad, or out of office hours.
We… now offer Be Well – Talk Now as a 24/7 service.

You said… you struggle with loneliness.
We… started the Social Networking Group and wrote this guide Getting support if you or someone else is feeling lonely or isolated.

You said… male students are less likely to access mental health support.
We… have now launched a male mental health campaign.

You said… LGBT+ students are less likely to access support.
We… set up LGBTQ+ student support at Bath and LGBTQ+ Brunch & Support.


You said… you wanted more focus on staff wellbeing across the University.
We… made wellbeing a part of the University of Bath Strategy 2021 to 2026. In 2023 we launched ‘Be Well’ at Bath, which is our whole University approach to mental health and wellbeing, informed by staff and students.

You said… you wanted more information and support on mental health and wellbeing.
We… continue to develop a network of Staff Wellbeing Champions and now have over 35 champions trained and in post to signpost staff to support. We continue to role out Departmental Wellbeing Action Plans across the University.

You said… you wanted to build your literacy and skills in managing mental health.
We… introduced a range of informal face to face and online workshops for staff and managers as well as specific training for those in key roles.

You said… you wanted more tools to manage wellbeing.
We… made a range of tools available including the Workplace Wellbeing Wheel, Wellbeing Action Plans.

You said… you wanted more support to manage your health.
We… provided free flu clinics on campus for staff to receive a free flu vaccination.

You said… you would like more opportunities and guidance regarding key issues that affect your wellbeing.
We… supported the development of various staff networks, including a Menopause Matters network with online and face to face sessions. We have also developed and published menopause-related Guidance for Managers and Guidance for Employees. We supported the creation of the Childless not by choice network (No Kidding), Men's Network, Loss and Grief Network and are currently working with other groups to set up similar networks.

You said… you wanted more support with hybrid working.
We… developed the Hybrid working framework along with guidance on future ways of working to support you.