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Social prescribing at Bath

Improve your mental health and wellbeing with our supported art, gardening and exercise programmes.

What is social prescribing at Bath?

Our social prescribing programme connects students to groups that help improve your wellbeing, reduce social isolation, enjoy a new - or old - hobby and hopefully have fun. You can choose from our art, yoga, exercise and nature-based courses. Everything is free and no experience is needed.

You are expected to try and complete the full course (these are not drop in sessions). Please note that you can only sign up to one course per academic year and priority will be given to students who have not attended before.

Don’t worry if you are shy, feel socially awkward, get nervous turning up to things alone. Our experienced facilitators are there to help create a safe, inclusive and welcoming space for all students and guide you through the activities.

How can social prescribing help?

Students say that attending our social prescribing courses have helped to:

  • reduce feelings of stress and anxiety
  • reduce feelings of loneliness
  • improve overall mood and wellbeing
  • increase their sense of belonging at Bath
  • increase their sense of community at University
  • make friends and have fun
  • give them something to look forward to every week

Social prescribing also has several physical health benefits as well as lots of individual benefits depending on what every individual wants to gain from the group

Get Active

Wednesday afternoons, 3pm to 3.45pm, at the Sports Training Village

14 February to 27 March.

Get Active is a seven week programme for students who want to improve their wellbeing through exercise, and need some help and motivation to get started. Exercise has numerous health and wellbeing benefits, from managing anxiety, improving mood and motivation, to reducing the risk of a range of illnesses and reducing loneliness.

Get Active is suitable for all levels, and no previous experience is needed. Every Wednesday, you will attend a fun and energising fitness class at the Sports Training Village (STV). The class is only available for students on Get Active, and priority will be given to students who can attend attend every session. You will also receive guidance on, and opportunities, for other ways to get active each week.

The course is delivered by Jordan (he/him), who specialises in incorporating fun into physical exercise. If you think Get Active could help you, Jordan says: “with this fun and varied group exercise programme, you don’t need to worry about your fitness or ability level. You’ll have a great time, so why not give it a go!”

Book a place on Get Active

Green Minds

Saturday afternoons, 2pm to 3.30pm at various locations

17 February to 30 March.

Green Minds is a seven week course that offers you the chance to enjoy a range of nature-based craft activities and trips including our popular terrarium workshops, visiting Bath City Farm and drinking lots of hot chocolate.

Several studies have shown that spending time connecting with nature and the outdoors are associated with positive outcomes for our mental health, stress reduction, anxiety management and overall psycho-social wellbeing.

Green Minds is facilitated by our gardener Emma (she/her) who loves anything that involves plants, wellbeing and repurposing. Emma provides a safe, fun and calming environment and guides students through creative ways to support their wellbeing through nature. Green Minds is for students who want be part of a programme for seven weeks. Emma also runs a regular gardening and garden crafts club on campus for anyone who prefers drop-in sessions.

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Yoga for your Mind

This course is now fully booked for Semester 2

An eight week course of gentle and restorative yoga aimed at slowing down and soothing the mind.

Each class begins with a gentle check-in, where you have the option of sharing how you are doing/feeling at the moment, followed by a calming yoga class. The course has been tailored specifically for students at the University of Bath, and is suitable for those new to yoga as well as those of you who already enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Yoga for your Mind is delivered by experienced yoga instructor Mark De’Lisser. Mark’s relaxed approach, incorporating playfulness and creativity, guides you to explore your edges and find a genuine sense of calm and ease.

During and after the course, we hope that you will feel able to continue yoga practice in your own time, on your own and/or as a group.

Art for Wellbeing

This course is now fully booked for Semester 2

Art for Wellbeing is a six week course for students who are interested in managing or improving their wellbeing through a variety of art-based media.

This course is facilitated by Bath-based artist Samantha Hickman (she/her) and involves creative techniques such as collaging, stitching, painting and more. Samantha provides a warm and inviting environment to explore, reflect and share the creative process.

Wellbeing activities and workshops

Our wellbeing activities and events run throughout the year and you can attend as often as you like. They’re great if you aren’t able to commit to the full courses listed below. They include dog walking, cooking, gardening and garden crafts.

Our courses and one-off workshops for better mental health help you manage and overcome common mental health problems and boost your wellbeing. New dates are now available for Semester two, these include how to manage anxiety, how to have a good day and moving on after trauma.

Support with your mental health and wellbeing

If you want to talk to someone about any element of your wellbeing the Student Support Advice Team is here to support you. They provide practical support and advice, and can help you access a range of services. Visit Student Support any day of the week 9am-5pm, including weekends.

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