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Social prescribing at Bath

Improve your mental health and wellbeing with our supported art, gardening and exercise programmes.

What is social prescribing?

Social prescribing offers a non-medical alternative, or addition, to mental health support. It recognises that our health and wellbeing is not just a medical issue, but something that is also affected by our social and economic situation and our physical environment. It therefore enables healthcare professionals to prescribe social activities to improve mental health and wellbeing. Our social prescribing programme connects students to groups and activities that aim to improve low mood, reduce loneliness and social isolation and help manage anxiety.

What can I do?

We offer several social prescribing opportunities for students: - Garden Club - Art for Wellbeing - Green Minds - Prescription for Exercise

All of our courses are all fully funded and there is no cost to students.

Please note you can only sign up for one course at a time.

Garden Club

When: Every Wednesday 2pm to 4pm and Saturday 11am-1pm
Where: Cotswold House Garden, on campus
Duration: ongoing

Garden Club runs every Wednesday and Saturday.

Through gardening, you will can enjoy the wellbeing benefits being outside in nature, such as reducing stress and anxiety and improving your mood and sense of wellbeing. You will meet new people in a supportive outdoor environment, and have the chance to make new friends and connections, so it’s a great activity if you are feeling a bit lonely or isolated at University. The group is small, friendly and welcoming and no knowledge or experience is needed.

You will learn a range of gardening skills, from maintaining a vegetable patch and growing plants in the greenhouse to making unique planters and garden crafts. Activities will vary depending on the weather and season.

Find out more and book via MySkills.

Art for Wellbeing

When: Every Wednesday 2pm – to 3:30pm starting 8 February to 29 March
Where: The Fine Art Studio at The Edge
Duration: 8 Weeks

Our eight week Art for Wellbeing course is designed for students who are struggling with their mental health and interested in improving their wellbeing and social connections through art.

Spending time making and creating with other people can help us to manage stress and low mood, reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation, and improve our sense of belonging and overall wellbeing. No previous art experience is necessary for this course - just curiosity and a willingness to have a go.

This course is facilitated by Bristol-based artist and illustrator Sarah Dennis, and participants will try out a range of creative techniques such as collaging, print making and paper cutting. You will also visit the beautiful Holburne Museum in Bath. Sarah provides a calming environment at each of her sessions, explaining how “paper cutting is creative and therapeutic, focusing the mind and steadying the hand while bringing about a serene sense of achievement”.

Applications for Semester two are now closed.

Green Minds

When: Saturdays 2:30pm to 4pm starting 11 February to 25 March
Where: Campus and various locations across Bath
Duration: 8 Weeks

This eight week course offers students the chance to enjoy a range of nature-based activities including our popular terrarium workshops, making your own eco-friendly products, visiting Bath City Farm and cooking some great food together.

Several studies have shown spending time and being active in natural environments is associated with positive outcomes for mental health, stress reduction, anxiety management and overall psycho-social wellbeing. Green Minds offers students the opportunity to try this out for yourselves via a range of fun and inspiring activities and trips around Bath. This course is open to students who want to improve their mental health and wellbeing by connecting with nature, crafts and the outdoors. All activities are free and transport can be provided to off-campus activities where required.

Green Minds is facilitated by our amazing gardener Emma, who also runs our gardening club and loves delivering anything that combines wellbeing, getting crafty, getting outside and enjoying all things green. Emma provides a safe, fun and calming environment at her sessions and guides students through new and creative ways to support their mental health and wellbeing. Students are expected to be able to attend most of the eight sessions.

Applications for Semester two are now closed.

Other wellbeing groups and activities

We offer a range of events, activities, workshops and courses to support your wellbeing. These are all listed on Be Well events and are continually updated throughout the year. They include dog walking, cooking classes, gardening club and LGBTQ+ workshops.

We also run a weekly Social Networking Group for students who are feeling lonely or isolated at university and a number of counselling courses and workshops to help you manage mental health problems and develop emotional wellbeing.

Support with your mental health and wellbeing

If you want to speak to our Wellbeing Team about your mental health or wellbeing please book a wellbeing appointment.