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Getting support if you or someone else is feeling lonely or isolated

Where to get advice and support if you are - or someone you know is - feeling lonely or isolated.

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Supporting students experiencing loneliness

Are you feeling lonely or isolated?

All of us are likely to feel lonely at some point in our lifetime, and although it is a relatively common feeling, we know it can feel isolating and difficult to verbalise. “I feel lonely” are three very hard words to say.

If you are feeling lonely or isolated at University, it is important to know that you are not the only one feeling like this and that there are a lot of groups and services available to support you.

What support is available if I'm feeling lonely?

There is a huge range of support and social activities available at the University running throughout the year to support students who are feeling lonely. Different things help different people to feel part of a community and less lonely, from small support groups, to getting involved in volunteering, trying a new activity or seeking one-to-one support. Please browse the below opportunities:

  • Social Networking Group – a weekly supported social group for any student feeling lonely / isolated
  • Social prescribing at Bath – a variety of non-medical alternatives to support wellbeing and social connections such as art, gardening and exercise
  • Campus buddies - available to first year students that identify on the autism spectrum, experience mental health difficulties relating to social anxiety or who have social communication difficulties
  • Bereavement social group – a monthly social support group for students who have experienced a bereavement at any stage of their life
  • Autism social group – a bi-weekly social groups for students who identify as being on the autistic spectrum (no diagnosis is necessary)
  • LGBTQ+ Brunch & Support – a facilitated support group for students who are questioning or exploring their LGBTQ+ identity
  • the Black Students Network is a free online wellbeing programme for Black students - an opportunity to be inspired, empowered, and challenged to take control of your wellbeing and self-development
  • MOMENTUM Men’s Student Network - a programme of weekly activities for students who want a non-judgemental space that is just for men.
  • International Support Service – a signposting and advice service for international students
  • Be Well App – where all of Student Support’s wellbeing events and activities are listed
  • Peer mentoring - new undergraduate students can talk to their peer mentor about being at Uni, getting involved in activities and any other concerns they may have. Yu can email if you’re not sure who your mentor is
  • Volunteering can help people make friends and feel part of a community
  • The SU offers loads of activities that students can get involved with. Find out What’s On
  • students can get involved in free social sports as part of Bath Active
  • there are various groups that students can join to meet like-minded people (such as LGBT+ group, mature students, feminism and gender equality, race equality group and disability action groups) and get involved in activities such as Arts Workshop with professional artists
  • Student Living programme of activities – free events and groups for all students living in University Halls
  • Doctoral Café –fortnightly coffee and cakes for PhD students to network and connect with peers

What if I’m worried about someone else?

Sometimes issues around loneliness and isolation can affect someone you know and you may be worried about a friend, a flatmate, a course mate or just someone you see regularly at University.

  • try talking to them, telling them that you are concerned
  • respect their privacy
  • be prepared to listen
  • express concern but remember you're not their therapist
  • if you think it’s appropriate, encourage them to seek professional help or allow yourself to speak to someone (see Support at Bath below)
  • if your friend won’t give their permission you can still speak to a professional to support yourself (you don’t have to mention their name)
  • there are staff in the University who can help
  • remember that there are limits to how much you can do or be expected to do. If your studies are being affected you must talk to somebody

Support at Bath

There are lots of people you can go and speak to about your own concerns, or if you are worried about another student:

In exceptional circumstances, where you feel your friend´s personal safety is at risk, you may need to act without their consent. In an emergency you can contact Security or call 999.

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