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Staff Networks and Groups

Our Staff Networks are dedicated spaces for colleagues sharing particular circumstances or characteristics to connect with others and share their experiences.

An overhead view of four people sat across from each other attending a meeting.
Staff Networks are spaces for staff to gather and exchange ideas, network and more.

Equality and Diversity Network

The Equality and Diversity Network is a forum for discussing ED&I initiatives across the University and ongoing matters relating to equality, diversity and inclusion. The aims of the Network are to:

  • Actively promote equality, diversity and inclusion across the University
  • Engage with current ED&I issues facing staff and students and support campaigns
  • Make appropriate recommendations to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee and ensure accountability through scrutiny and feedback
  • Provide ED&I training to EDN members to empower them in their role as allies and facilitate the dissemination of information and good practice to the wider community
  • Act as resource hub through which members of the University community can access information and help others
  • Ensure intersectional needs are heard through diverse representation and collaboration with all staff and student communities

You can find more information about the EDN on their webpage, including their terms of reference and contact information.

Kaleidoscope LGBTQ+ Staff and PGR Group

Kaleidoscope is open to all staff and postgraduate researchers at the University who identify as LGBTQ+, including people of any sexual orientation, disability status, gender, race, religion or age.

The group aims to provide the following:

  • Social events to get to know LGBTQ+ staff and postgraduate researchers from varied departments across the University
  • Lines of support and contacts for any LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace
  • Representation of LGBTQ+ interests at University level

See the Terms of Reference for more details.

To join as a member and receive email updates about Kaleidoscope events, you can sign up via Kaleidoscope blog.

aFLAME Disability Network: Staff and PGR

The aFLAME Disability Network for Staff and PGR students is a group for disabled staff and postgraduate research students to meet and share their experiences. The Network's aims include:

  • Providing a space for disabled staff and research students to discuss topics of interest
  • Helping build connections between disabled staff and research students across the University
  • Inviting speakers to talk on important issues

If you are interested in getting involved please contact Network Chair Otter Baker, Teaching Fellow in the Skills Centre, for guidance on how to join the 'aFLAME Network: Staff and PGR' group on Microsoft Teams. You can also find more details on the Network via this announcement page.

Senior Professional Services Women's Leadership Network

A Network for all women in professional services in leadership positions, or aspiring to be in leadership positions. This Network is open to staff Grade 8 and above with the intention of building connections and promoting opportunities. The aims of the Network are to:

  • Provide a space for discussion around topics of interest
  • Help build connections across the University
  • Provide a forum to share opportunities, barriers and successes
  • Be a forum to influence decision makers

You can find more information about SPSWLN and how you can benefit by checking the Network's webpage.

Parents' Network

The Parents' Network was set up by Tamsin Willis-Stovold to provide an inclusive, supportive space for all staff who are parents. The Network aims to meet in person every 3 months for informal networking and will often have guest speakers come along to talk about their experiences. Its goals include:

  • Encouraging members to ask for support or advice
  • Sharing and learning about local events of interest
  • Enabling members to share their experiences

If you would like to join the Parents' Network then please follow this link to request to join the Microsoft Teams page. You can also request more informationby contacting

People of Colour Network

This is a new Network set up for staff members of colour at the University (official name still pending approval). Among other important topics, the group aims to do the following:

  • Provide peer support for members
  • Organise awareness-raising events
  • Create opportunities for sharing a university-wide collective voice

Members are welcome to request access to the Microsoft Teams page to keep up-to-date with the latest news and request subscription to the Network mailing list. More information, like details for the first Network meeting, can be found on the following announcement page.

No Kidding Network and Support Group

No Kidding is an informal support group for staff who are childless not by choice. The Network recognises that being childless not by choice can be a difficult and isolating experience, which can have a profound effect on our wellbeing. There may be associated triggers in the workplace, such as dealing with new parent announcements. The Network engages with its members, and the wider University community, in many ways, including:

  • Blog pieces raising awareness of important commemorative occasions such as World Childless Week
  • Events, such as meetups which happen regularly throughout the year
  • A private Teams group for members to talk confidentially and share their experiences, if they wish

For more information on the Network, including how to join the Teams group and for any questions, you can contact or check this announcement page.

Menopause Support Group

The Menopause Support Group offers members information and support around the menopause, much of which can be found on their announcement page. The Network also offers:

You can find more information about the group from the Safety, Health and Employee Wellbeing team, or by requesting access to the Menopause Matters Support Team through Marcia Martin or Melanie Torrance.

Neurodiversity Network

The Neurodiversity Network is a Network for students, staff, and those who may not be neurodiverse but wish to hear and support members. It was set up by Nahory Hernandez Mancilla following a Doctoral Exchange presentation. This Network aims to:

  • Discuss topics that members choose and may find helpful
  • Provide training to staff and professionals
  • Host neurodiverse speakers who wish to share information about their experiences
  • Enable members to identify how professionals and speakers can help and how this support is accessed
  • Share experiences, support and network with other members

The Neurodiversity Network meets on Microsoft Teams (cameras and microphones optional). Members can participate by talking, using the chat or just listening if this is preferred.

The Neurodiversity Network in collaboration with clinicians and researchers produced insights and advice about supporting neurodivergent staff and students at work or on placements. For more information about the Network (including their terms of reference), please contact the Network leads via

Women's Network – Career, Growth and Community

We have a new Women's Network – Career, Growth and Community (WN:CGC) aimed at women in grades 2 – 7. This network has been established as a result of the Professional Services Women's Early Career Network survey feedback and institutional Silver Athena Swan action plan. The aims of the network are to enable connections, address common difficulties and facilitate peer support and training opportunities to women in grades 2-7 working in the university.

As an initial step the Co-Chairs of the Network have set up a Teams channel, which they will use to communicate with the network. Please join the Teams group and stay up-to-date with the latest news.

Research Enablers Network

The network was established in 2022 following a project supported by the Research England Enhancing Research Culture fund. The network is for those who work in the management, specialist administration job family in roles that directly support research activities.

We hold meetings each month with a mix of presentations and informal networking sessions. In all cases we try to ensure that there is the opportunity for you to meet or catch up with colleagues from across the University. We run as many events as possible in a hybrid format to allow the greatest attendance.

The group aims to provide the following:

  • Provide a space for discussion, learning and practice sharing around topics of interest
  • Help build connections across the University
  • Provide a forum to share opportunities, barriers and successes
  • Provide visibility and advocacy for the research enabler community

See the Terms of Reference for more details.

If you want to get involved or join the network join our Teams Group and/or mailing list. You can also contact our Co-Chairs: Rachel Willis and Chloe Turner

Contact us

If you have any questions about our Networks and groups, you can contact us via email.

All staff groups have a seat on the Equality and Diversity Network (EDN) to represent the views of the particular group. The EDN reports to the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee which reports to the University Council.