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How the Digital Development team can help you

We provide support and develop software for the University's digital channels, including Typecase for Content and Typecase for Courses.

Typecase and Typecase for Courses support

We provide support for users editing content on:

  •, through our content publishing platform Typecase
  •, through our course publishing platform Typecase for Courses

Typecase training

We provide training for members of staff who need to use the Typecase content publisher. You can do the training online and in your own time, through Moodle. Request training for a new Typecase user.

Access to existing pages in Typecase

If you have completed the training already but don't have access to the content you need to edit, contact

If the content is owned by a different department or team, they will need to provide permission before we can give you access.

Redirects or short URLs

If you need a redirect for a webpage or a short URL for a page on, submit a request through our form.

Reporting a problem

You can email us through if you think there is a problem with the website or one of our platforms. You can include 'URGENT' in the title of your email, to help us to pick that up faster.

Before reporting a problem:

  • check that the issue occurs in more than one browser
  • make sure that you are not seeing a cached version of a page. Use ctrl+f5 to retrieve the latest version of that page from the server
  • if you can, check with others that they are having the same problem

Provide details about your issue, including:

  • URLs for any pages mentioned
  • the device you are using
  • the browser you are using
  • a step-by-step account of your actions
  • exact wording of any error message you are seeing
  • screenshots which show your issue

Requests for new features or improvements

We can consider requests for new features or improvements. When making a request you should include:

  • why you would like us to consider your idea
  • who it will help
  • examples or links to describe your request
  • data, statistics or research which supports your request

Blog access and support

We have a WordPress multisite, If you want to give a new user access to an existing blog site, you can request this through

Always include the URL for the blog site, usernames for any users and the role you would like them to have.

Find out more about how to maintain your blog site or request a new site.

We don't provide training for WordPress, but you can find lots of useful information and resources at

Technical consultancy

If your content is not suitable for or, you may be considering hosting your site externally. We are not able to offer advice on external agencies, platforms or hosting providers.

We can provide domain registration through IONOS or hosting for WordPress sites.

Domain registration

If you would like us to register your domain:

  1. Check that it is available through IONOS.
  2. Let us know how long you'd like it registered for (minimum 12 months).
  3. Provide a project code for the fee to be recharged to.

You can register a domain independently, but make sure that more than one user has access to prevent being locked out of your site.

WordPress hosting

We can arrange hosting for WordPress sites only. Hosting is through WP Engine (current charge in 2021 is £180 per year). WP Engine provides:

  • production, staging and development environments
  • daily automatic backups of your site
  • on-demand manual backup of your site
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) access
  • support and documentation

Email us at if you would like us to set up hosting for your WordPress site.

Software development

Our primary focus is to maintain and develop our Typecase and Typecase for Courses platforms and our WordPress blog site.

We also aim to improve awareness of software quality standards across the University. We can offer advice, guidance and consultation on:

  • setting up a mobile app
  • developing new web applications
  • integrating and styling new web applications with the rest of the website

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